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Monday, September 12, 2011

I Looted Some Elven Gold, Some Chainmail, And An Interior Department White Paper

The Republican crusade against “science” (the polite word for that black magic brewed in test tubes) has seen a few defections lately, but there are still some loyal Bushies who are kickin’ it old skool (a radio format otherwise known as Urban VIII Contemporary). One standout is Julie A. MacDonald, deputy assistant secretary for fish and wildlife and parks, who combines the smug ignorance of James “Gore is full of crap” Inhofe with the greasy-palmed cupidity of Joe L. Barton (R-SquealLikeAPigForChevron), yet gives it all a fresh twist by rolling like Congressman Mark Foley. First, the warm-up, courtesy of TPM Muckraker:
Ms. MacDonald, whose job is to oversee policy decisions on endangered species and other wildlife, sent internal agency documents to industry lobbyists (e.g. she twice sent “internal Environmental Protection Agency documents — one involving water quality management — to individuals whose e-mail addresses ended in ‘,”) and generally ran roughshod over agency scientists.
MacDonald tangled with field personnel over designating habitat for the endangered Southwestern willow flycatcher, a bird whose range is from Arizona to New Mexico and Southern California. When scientists wrote that the bird had a “nesting range” of 2.1 miles, MacDonald told field personnel to change the number to 1.8 miles. Hall, a wildlife biologist who told the IG he had had a “running battle” with MacDonald, said she did not want the range to extend to California because her husband had a family ranch there.
But here’s where Old MacDonald shakes up the usual Bush Administration malfeasance with a youthquake!:
In this episode, MacDonald unwinds by sharing internal agency documents with a virtual friend and demonstrates that she trusts the feedback of her fellow gamer, who’s apparently quite young, and her child over agency scientists…MacDonald said she is acquainted with the on-line friend through internet role-playing games. She said she engages in these games to relieve the stress created by her job; however, she said she has not played while at work.

 Posted by scott on Saturday, March 31st, 2007 at 4:07 pm.

13 Responses:

Yet another Bush appointee who is completely unqualified and incompetent. How long until she gets awarded the medal of freedom?
Oh goodie – I was hoping somebody would jump on this. Doesn’t it make you feel all tingly inside to know your tax dollars are paying this woman’s salary?
I’ll bet she has a shrine to Anne Gorsuch-Burford and James Watt in her basement.
That was lovely.
I don’t even think the incompetence bothers me that much anymore. It’s the sheer corruption, and I’m not sure which is worse, the big ticket Brand New War crap or the penny ante shit like Ms MacDonald’s husband’s ranch. I do think the Bush administration will go down in what’s left of history as the first in which *all* regulatory bodies became captive agencies. Legacy accomplished!
From the press release the Department of the Interior issued when MacDonald when named deputy assistant secretary (5/3/2004):
MacDonald is a civil engineer with a master’s degree in management. She began her federal career as a hydraulic engineer with Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation in 1979. In 1987, she commenced a distinguished career in public policy. She has been a staff consultant in the California Legislature and served as senior staff to the California Senate minority leader. Governor Pete Wilson later appointed her as Associate Secretary of the state Health and Welfare Agency and then in 1996, as Deputy Secretary for Legislative Affairs in the California Resources Agency. In the latter position, she was responsible for gaining bipartisan passage of new provisions in the California Endangered Species Act.
For some reason, the department’s list of key officials shows her position as vacant.
Make that her boss’ position. In any event, I can’t find a bio page for her on the DOI’s site.
Fucking spineless scum. Destroying what it took 40 years to build when it comes to trying to prevent the billionaires from raping what’s left of the planet, and letting it be done by complete fucking BIMBOS — that’s the really insulting part.
It’s not just that they’re evil, ignorant, and arrogant, it’s that they’re so fucking STUPID that really corks my hide. To be bullied is not so new, but to be bullied by completely inadequate MORONS!!!! I’m surprised that the thinking people left in this country don’t all have bleeding ulcers by now.
BTW, as to the Sorcessa: Totally dig the boots, the bustier & the belt, but those shoulder pads are SOOOO 1985!!!!!! Ugh.
Okay, I have to confess that I just made my partner explain to me what exactly “spawn-camp some fairies” meant. Don’t look at me, man. I’m a Webkinz gal, myself.
I’m not sure which of those admissions is more embarrassing, but I’ve been up all night and it just seemed like something I wanted to get off my chest.
Don’t keep the rest of us in suspense, D. Please explain…
Oh, um. Apparently in the online games where you kill things to loot their corpses, the things don’t stay dead. They pop back into existence after a while so some other player can come along and kill them. This is called, I am informed, spawning. And when a game has a billion damned players, they have to sort of queue up to kill the things. So players may go sit in an area where something is spawned and wait for it to show up so they can kill it. It’s like putting your quarter on the screen of an arcade game, I guess. Or camping out in front of a stadium to get tickets, maybe.
My partner informs me that spawn-camping is lame, but would not deny ever having done it, which is about typical.
For asking, or possibly just for snickering, I was also forced to watch a WoW video to the Jonathon Coulton song about zombies. I blame Scott.
I would also suggest watching the infamous “Leroy Jenkins” video at Youtube:
I’m partial to the Guild Wars v. World of Warcraft dance off.
The Bush Administration: Stupid, Evil and Creepy.

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