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Monday, September 12, 2011

Meanwhile, At Our Neighborhood Theater…

An interesting double feature:

My own theory is that the manager is a lycanthrope, and he booked the current bill while in mid-transformation.

3 Responses to “Meanwhile, At Our Neighborhood Theater…”
All Singing!!
All Dancing!!!
All Zombie!!!!
BTW, “Happy Feet” is next in my Netflix queue (I had to finally return “Pink Flamingos” because my DVD player’s remote control DIED {yes, I put new batteries in the fucker} and I can get DVDs or manufactured CDs to play in my computer anymore, as y’all well know by now, ’cause I took “advice” from a self-proclaimed “computer expert” who AIN’T, and I never did get to see the Special Features, dammit.), so NO SPOILERS!
Yes, I get those cartoon fits every once in a while. I always wanted to do cartoon voices, I just never made the connections or got to L.A. or NYC to give it a shot.

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