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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The Beast With Two Backs Edition

Well, we’re back. Not only are we back, but thanks to the air travel and some overly optimistic outdoors activities, my back is back to square one. Which means I’m back on the pain meds, and back to blithering. So in lieu of anything trenchant or topical…here’s some cat pictures.
As it happens, I returned to the apartment just in time to catch Riley and Moondoggie in the midst of a Smug-Off. Riley leads off with a very creditable George Sanders, circa All About Eve. Note the classic use of the single elevated brow.
“You have a point. An idiotic one, but a point.”
While Moondoggie responds with a tart and full-bodied Clifton Webb, served alá Laura
“I should be sincerely sorry to see my neighbor’s children devoured by wolves.”

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