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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Gov. Palin Shoots, Field Dresses Unicorn

According to right wing talk show host and prolific online columnist Sharon Hughes, the Republican Vice Presidential candidate has, among her many other accomplishments, the power to irritate mythical creatures, such as manticores, leprechauns, naiads, and Liberal Chris Wallace:
Chris Wallace uncharacteristically gave Barack Obama’s Chief Strategist, David Axelrod, carte blanche during his interview today on FOX News Sunday.
Failing to challenge Axelrod’s avoidance in answering questions directly over and over again, and allowing him to go on and on with the standard Obama talking points, was strikingly different than the treatment Wallace gave to John McCain’s Campaign Manager, Rick Davis, who he continually interrupted to challenge, sometimes even argued with, such as regarding when the McCain campaign was going to ‘allow’ Sarah Palin to be interviewed by the media.
Judging by the two interviews, Axelrod was arguing on behalf of his candidate while Wallace was trying — not very subtly or successfully — to trip him with talking points, including asking his guest to defend the Obama campaigns “strategy,” while using “Karl Rove’s latest electoral map” as a basis for discussion.  Davis, on the other hand, merely proved that while FOX News doesn’t mind serving its viewers a tender and flaky puff pastry filled with bullshit and drizzled with contempt, the hosts themselves prefer to order off the menu.
And on Saturday’s Beltway Boys, Morte Kondracke referred to Palin, McCain’s VP running mate, as “that Wacko Right-winger.” So much for ‘fair and balanced’ from the liberals at FOX News.
If you’ve developed a taste for gallows humor over the past eight years, you no doubt enjoy those rare occasions when one of the soggy centrists FOX employs to create the illusion of contrast actually says something that contradicts the multitude of wingnuts who make up the rest of the panel.  Because when something like that happens, it’s a threat to the very idea of “balance.”
I don’t want anyone to think we’re picking on Governor Palin, though, and in the interests of fairness and balance, we should mention that her voice doesn’t merely cause Harpies to drop from the sky like Norwegian Blues, and Balrogs to massage their temples and hiss, “Would you please.  Shut.  Up?“  For much like Snow White, her song can also call helpful woodland creatures to her side, or at least bring them within range of her .30-06.
Posted by scott on September 8th, 2008

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