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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beginning To Blog…

AnnPW, a longtime friend of the program, has opened her own opinion emporium over at Beginning to Wonder, because she lives in Texas and what the hell else is there to do?  I mean, you can’t execute death row prisoners 24 hours a day, because occasionally there’s a storm and the power goes out.  Anyway, she’s conveniently located, just off the Interstate.  Direct Dial Phones.  Color TV.  Pets and Rants Welcome.

10 Responses to “Beginning To Blog…”

…and I PROMISE not to watch you take a shower through that peephole in the wall….!
WOW! This is, like, an ENDORSEMENT! Damn, I’d better get the place cleaned up.
Wasn’t she the maid on the Brady Bunch?
By the way, scott, Michael Fumento gets spnaked…by none other than James Wolcott!
Ahhh, that’s some English fetish video-quality spankage. Thanks for the tip, Actor.
It must *kill* Fume-mento that Wolcott doesn’t allow comments!
Stupid question, but the day does seem to be going that way: Is AnnPW the same *person* as commenter Beginning To Wonder? I’m assuming so, but not sure. Either way, you are now bookmarked.
Yes, Ann is longtime Wo’C commenter Beginnngtowonder.
Yay! Congrats, BTW!!!
Jonah’s book…HACKED at!
BTW, BTW, you oughta be blogrolled over at my black hole of a blog sometime in the next millennium.

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