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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Friday Beast Blogging – Your Technology Is No Match For My Awesome Power Of…ZzzZZzzz

External hard drive?  Power cord?  You’re talking like a crazy person.
And Moondoggie…
King of All Media (control devices)
Posted by scott on Friday, August 31st, 2007 at 9:06 pm.

8 Responses to “Friday Beast Blogging – Your Technology Is No Match For My Awesome Power Of…ZzzZZzzz”

It’s so hot my feline roomie is lying on the tile floor in the bathroom, in a Riley-like pose.
I love your cats…..but beware if they get the remote…everytime our Xena gets the remote she changes it to Spanish…or puts it on Something Very Educational…
I am sooooooooooo coming back as a cat in my next life, if there is ANY justice in this constantly-clusterfucked cosmos.
And I wanna be spoiled-rotten by good pet-parents like Scott & Mary C., too, dammit.
Wot is it with some cats and electronics, particularly remotes, I wonder. The lovely Willie B. on 1st Draft was photographed in several winning baby pix by his mom, Scout, lounging and chin-resting and sprawling on keyboards and remotes, and this shows up on UTube a lot too. Is it because these objects are slightly warm, which trumps their knobbliness? Or are the kittehs receiving updates from Overlord Central via the aether?
I think cats view keyboards, remotes and other electronics, as well as newspapers, books, etc., as rivals for our attention. They see us interacting with them and become jealous, so sitting or laying on top of them has a number of functions. It reminds us that we can pay attention to them rather than these dead useless carcasses, it puts their scent on the object, staking their claim of ownership, and at the same time blocks our access to it. There is method in the madness.
Bibziliba, I would dearly love to turn you loose on a flock of ferals with your cat psychology, and see what kind of term paper/thesis you come up with about those batshit-crazy bitches.
I couldn’t believe it..Riley looks identical to my cat(Kiro), but slimmer. I’ve been researching on what kind of breed Kiro is and nothing. Do you know what breed Riley is?
Bradley: We don’t know exactly what breed Riley is (aside from “oh she’s a Tuxedo cat”) but she does have some Siamese in her.

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