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Thursday, June 27, 2013

In The Event The Worst Person In The World Cannot Fulfill Her Duties, The First Runner-Up…

Having a few moments free, I fortified myself with a brace of cocktails and tiptoed over to Townhall, and was immediately startled by Sandy Rios, who is demanding that Keith Olbermann conduct a recount after she failed to snag the tiara in a recent Worst Person in the World pageant
“Spits Up” might be more accurate, but let’s join Sandy, already in progress…
“Please do us all a favor… get raped and then killed. You rancid, filthy ___.” That’s a direct quote from an e-mail I received after appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor.” I was on the show objecting to the San Diego Padres celebration of “Gay Pride” on the same day they invited hundreds of children for a floppy hat giveaway.
It’s like the Cavity Creeps handing out candy to children — floppy hats are a known vector for homosexuality.  If you want your kids to have even the slimmest chance of turning out straight, it is vital that you, as a family, get your hats cleaned and blocked every six months.
“You are a shameful disgrace and hate monger,” penned another in response to my statement that homosexuality is an unhealthy, life-shortening lifestyle that should not be promoted by the Padres to children.
Well, considering the Catholic Church’s lengthy tradition of priest-on-altar-boy action, some would say that the Padres are uniquely suited to the task.  However, ours is a secular society, with a clear wall between church and state, so given the Mark Foley and current Young Republican sex scandals, I think we’re all agreed that this is a task best left to the Washington Nationals.  (By the way, I see that Sandy apparently fell for that heavily debunked Paul Cameron mortality study when it turned up in her email box.  All I can say is, I hope she exhibited a bit more healthy skepticism when the Nigerian Oil Minister asked for her pin number.)
For such “hate” I was named runner up for the “Worst Person in the World” by MSNBC’s Keith Olberman. This kind of vulgarity, exaggeration and the not-so-veiled threats are nothing new to those of us who dare speak the truth to a world turned upside down.
Upside down?!  You mean we’re in some kind of crazy, parallel, Spock-with-a-goatee universe, where gays enjoy all the perks and privileges of marriage, while heterosexuals have to camp out on the curb by the ambulances and fire trucks when their partner is in the hospital?  Wow, it’s just like that John Travolta movie, White Man’s Burden, where blacks were on top and whites lived in ghettos and worked menial jobs, except it’s even stupider and doesn’t star Louis Gossett, Jr’s first cousin!
Homosexual activists have propagated their deceptive message so effectively that their own community tragically believes they cannot change, they have no choice—and that people who oppose their “choice” hate them.
Wait…So if you believe you have no “choice” about being gay, and think that people who insist you do have a “choice” and that your “choice” is hateful, “hate” you is…hateful?
And because they have managed to so effectively intimidate anyone who would question their claims, thousands of homosexuals have never heard there is a better way… a God who forgives and a life to live that’s more abundant and free.
Free of sex, anyway.  And granted, it is hard to hear about Jesus in this country, what with the Christians all being driven underground by Big Homo.  But if you’re that intimidated by gays, don’t ever get a job selling acrylic beehive wigs on Hollywood Boulevard, because those WeHo trannies will dicker you down to a pulp.
But the responses that bother me most are ones that out of confusion or, worse, intentionally try to equate a Biblical perspective on homosexuality with godless criminal acts. A recent report from ABC News, “Hate Takes a Life in Houston,” tells the story of Kenneth Cummings, Jr., 46, a gay male flight attendant murdered by Terry Magnum, 26, who claimed, “I believe with all my heart that I was doing the right thing. I planned on sending him to hell.” Terry said he’d been called by God to “carry out a code of retribution” because “sexual perversion” is the “worst sin.”
That story was forwarded to me with the following e-mail: “I just wanted to write and say that I lay the blame for this incident and hundreds of others like it on you… as far as I’m concerned, you have blood on your hands.”
Let me be clear: The murder of Kenneth Cummings and the loss to his loving family is tragic, but to think that the circumstances of his death should force others to be silent on the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle would be wrong-headed and irresponsible. I would have far more to answer for if I kept silent while he and other homosexual brothers and sisters remained tormented in this life and facing condemnation in the next.
Just so we’re clear:  If you don’t tell gays that they’re destined for Hell, you’ll be judged wanting by God and hurled into the Lake of Fire yourself.  But if you murder a homosexual, well…let’s just say it’s like killing a colored man in Mississippi in 1954; you might see the inside of a courtroom, but the chances of you seeing the inside of a prison are pretty much nil unless you vacation in Frisco and take the Alcatraz tour.
That kind of silence is embraced by too many Christians who are unwilling to speak truth lovingly for fear of their own reputations…
“Bob, you gotta stop being afraid of folks calling you a bigot.  Look at the way blacks reclaimed the N-word, or the way queers reclaimed the queer.  You gotta own the word, Bob!  Be the bigot!  Be loud!  Be proud!  We’re here, we hate queers, get used to it!”
…willing to let confused and lost friends and family members who are “gay” flounder in deceit and condemnation rather than risk their own “likeability.” That’s the blood I would fear having on my hands.
I realize the scare quotes are meant to indicate that Sandy doesn’t believe anybody is really “gay,” but does she also believe that nobody is actually “likeable?”  I guess if you spend your time exclusively with Townhall columnists and callers to AM talk radio this would be an inevitable conclusion to draw, but perhaps she’s simply trying to educate us about the dangers of generalizing from personal experience.
“This is outrageous,” said Mel White, a gay former evangelical Protestant minister, who ghost wrote books for televangelist Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Billy Graham. You’ve got to indict everybody from (Pope) Benedict XVI on down. The church and the Christian right have set up an environment that gays are a threat to the community, and they say this over and over. And because some people take this seriously, you have murders like this. This guy is quoting from the rhetoric of the pope and Pat Robertson and the Southern Baptists.”
Now that makes me angry. A man claiming to know Christ, with credentials that should demonstrate he does, using those credentials to speak lies to the homosexual community and the world… to willingly distort the message of God to excuse his own perversion and take as many people as possible down that path with him—the quintessential example of misery loving company.
Well, maybe he does know Christ.  I don’t mean they went to prep school or anything, but it’s conceivable that they’ve at least met, and maybe even had a drink and a laugh or two down at the Pharisee’s Head.  Especially when you consider that Jesus, although he was vocal, even logorrheic on the topic of sin, never mentioned homosexuality.  (Granted, it’s true that the Leviticans — who I presume were those aliens that helped build the ancient pyramids — hated them some gays, but the only people who really listened to them were Bronze Age Jews, and I’m pretty sure they were just being polite.)
What does God hate? Religious phonies… liars… deceivers. Jesus drove them from the temple with a whip.
God sent His son, that famous “Jesus,”
Which is preferable, in this context, to “the famous Mr. Ed.”
But redemption can’t take place without the proclamation of God’s standard on morality, sexual and otherwise.
Just because Christ never talked about it doesn’t mean we can’t make it a pillar of Chistian dogma!  What’s he gonna do?  Come back from the dead and give us crap for perverting his teachings?  Ooooh, I’m soooo scared!
How will people know what sin is if we are no longer able to speak about it, confess it to each other and present the world with a better way… God’s way?
So unless you can tune in WYLL AM1160 in Chicago between 3 and 5PM, you poor saps haven’t a hope in hell of knowing what sin is.  Try explaining that to St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.  “What, you never heard of internet streaming?  You couldn’t have hunkered down in the loop with a hoagie and a transistor radio?  You are gonna burn, sucker!”
If that is hate, then I guess I am a “monger.” If love is letting friends and family lead destructive lives while standing by, nodding in approval, then I choose not to “love.”
Yeah, we noticed.
Posted by scott on August 10th, 2007

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