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Thursday, June 27, 2013

We Now Pause…

As some of you know, I’ve been looking after my grandfather for the past year and a half.  After 3 months of declining health, he finally passed away on Saturday, following a bout of pnuemonia, and two days after his 92nd second birthday.  So in addition to the script I’m dealing with, I have a number of post mortem issues to settle that will likely keep me away from blogging for awhile.  However, s.z. has kindly agreed to take time out from her menagerie to keep the flywheel spinning.
See you all soon.

17 Responses to “We Now Pause…”

My condolences.
I’m sorry to learn about your loss, Scott. Condolences to you and your family.
What Bill said. All our love (from me and the critters) and best wishes to you & Mary and your family as you memorialize your grandfather. There is no replacement for the love of a grandparent, but I hope that in time, you will be able to remember all of the good things and that the pain will subside. I’m sure that he knew how much that you loved him and how important that he was to you.
Sincere condolences, Scott. 92 is a good run. As a friend said to me when my father passed at 82, he got his money’s worth.
likewise, my condolences, but if this is what it takes to get s.z. out of semi-retirement you may just want to let things lag a few days ;}
My condolences, Scott. It’s almost never easy.
Take care of yourselves over there.
Condolences to you and yours. However expected it might be, it’s never easy to deal with when it happens.
My condolences. It’s always hard.
Scott, my condolences. I lost my dad back in June and while we were never close, it’s still a hole in my life.
Loss is damn hard. All best…
I’m sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences.
Difficult to see at the time, but trust that caregiving, for all its agonies, is its own reward.
Condolences and much love to you and your family.
My mom was 92 when she passed away–and even after three years of intense, full-time caregiving, I still missed caring for her. I missed her, as my mother, but I also (ironically) missed my role and suddenly felt “undefined.”
It just takes awhile.
That’s my experience, anyway. I can can only offer a few words: be tender with yourself. Allow yourself to feel lost. Bungle around.
The new you will emerge–in time.
~Carol D. O’Dell
You have my sympathy. My grandfather’s health declined for years before he lost his fight too, and it was hard on all of us.
My sympathies to you and family. Be good to yourself.
I am so sorry, Scott. All my grandparents passed away by the mid-1980s, as did my mother. Needless to say, my mother’s death was hardest to deal with, especially since it was totally out of the blue (she was hit by a passenger train). My father’s father was something of an enigma to me, as my dad and he had had a falling out some time in the late sixties, so by the time he died, I had literally not seen him for fifteen+ years.
In any event, regardless of closeness, one feels the loss. It’s like a terrible void has been punched into your world.
I have to admit. though, that I’m terribly jealous of your grandpa, since I shall barely make it to half his age, if that (a year-and-a-half to go!). Mind you, if I hang on another decade or two, I’ll really be a basket case by the end.
There are plenty worse things than death.
(OK, I apologize for that-it wasn’t very uplifting. What can I say. I’ve been sick enough lately to mope around feeling sorry for myself, Sue me. Hope you work through your grief soon, and that there’s as little bureaucracy involved as possible).

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