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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mr. Anti-Peepers Returns

Kevin McCullough has taken note of our humble burlesque on his blog,ThrobbingManHead Rebellion, and has a few stern words for those snickering ne’er do wells who have taken all the fabulousness out of Kevin’s shopping sprees:
The so precisely titled “World-O-Crap” yoyos believe they are slicing and dicing me today with wounds that are near fatal…
(fake stumble, backwards, forwards, clutching of my heart) “No… how could it be…”
Complete with intimations of my lack of intelligence, closeted sexuality (again – geesh these people are so predictable, my gosh they have to be the least original people that God ever made…) and let’s see… and… oh yes – these perves think it completely acceptable to keep “peeping tom laws” from coming into existence. Oh and make sure you stay tuned at the end of the post to read the comments and see for yourself the ”brain trust” that reads a blog titled “World-O-Crap.”
World-O-Crap indeed…
Just for the record: We never opposed Peeping Tom laws per se, or in Kevin’s more elegant phrase, “think it completely acceptable to keep ‘peeping tom laws’ from coming into existence.”   We just believe it’s worth a few minutes out of the day to mock a blue-nosed, pearl-clutching local politician and his overbroad, unenforceable, and probably unconstitutional response to a situation that could be more efficiently and entertainingly remedied (as Julia noted in comments) by a skirt-clad woman with an insecure grip on her coffee cup.
In fact, while I have no objection to people saying flamboyantly stupid things behind closed doors, I must take issue with people like Kevin who believe there’s nothing wrong with engaging in this sort of behavior on the public internets.  And I say this not from a position of moral superiority, but as one who has himself succumbed to the temptation to look at Kevin’s oeuvre in a more than casual or cursory manner, for the purpose of entertainment, and for the purpose of degrading or abusing the person being read.
Therefore, I would suggest that Peter Vallone, Jr. pick up his wide ruled paper and his Sharpie and get to lawgivin’.

By the way, it should also be noted that Kevin has set a record here by making the venerable ”aptly named world o’ crap“ joke at least three times in a single post.  Something I don’t think anyone has ever bothered to do before.  Tres originale.
Posted by scott on Friday, August 31st, 2007 at 2:01 pm.

22 Responses to “Mr. Anti-Peepers Returns”

I’ve got to hand it to Kevin: he ably defended himself with a substantive point by point rebuttal.
Oh, no, I guess he didn’t. He just made fun of the blog title.
And I would love a Trivia Pursuit death match between the World-o-Crap “brain trust” vs. the Townhall columnists.
The man’s just dumb. Nobody said a law was a bad idea, I think what we all admittedly derisively said was that *that* law was a bad idea. Harassment should be illegal, and often is. (Where it is not, this is usually the result of the sort of thinking that brings us men proudly declaring themselves “muscleheads” and refusing to be “emasculated” by a “PC culture” or “feminazis”.) Ogling? How the fuck do you begin to enforce that without arresting everyone who flirts with someone? We’re not even talking “in public” here, we’re talking flat out, across the board, it-should-be-illegal-to- look-at-a-woman’s-tits- unless-you’re-a-doctor- or-to-view-your-bedmate-naked.
Kev strikes me as the kind of guy who talks to your breasts, frankly. I don’t think he’d be all that happy with this law. He’s certainly not the sort of guy any of us women need to protect us.
And yes, kudos on being able to read the blog name. Clearly you are the master of the putdown. Seriously, did he miss the inherent irony in his ‘wounds that are near fatal’ post containing three mocking restatements of the blog’s name? Of course he did.
Mark: How about world events? Or science? Or, you know, copyreading. *snicker*
From now on, whenever you guys can provoke a wingnut into an “aptly titled…” remark, I’ll donate money to my local Planned Parenthood.
And just for fun, if you can ever get a direct reaction from Dougie Giles, well…I’ll throw in donations to the ACLU and People for the American Way.
D. Sidhe, please do not put images of Kevin talking to breasts in my head. I’m imagining him in some weird roleplaying wearing a diaper and wanting to be called “Baby Kevin.”
I need that procedure like Jim Carrey got in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
I’d like to buy Julia a World ‘O Crap mug. They’re great!
Shorter: “They THINK they’re pissing me off, but they AREN’T! THEY AREN’T! THEY AREN’T! (snivel) THEY’RE CALLED WORLD O’CRAP BECAUSE THEY ARE! BUT THEY AREN’T! THEY AREN’T! (bursts into tears, throws self on bed and buries face in pillow, bawling)”
Wow, he must’ve been the toughest little boy on the whole playground after Ted Nugent dropped out to spend more time with his bowel movements.
Ha! No answer for my sparkling riposte about his hairline, I see.
And correct me if I’m wrong–I’ve haven’t re-read it and I might have missed a couple comments–but did anybody say anything about closeted sexuality? Aside from a crack about using an accent aigu turning one gay? Gender panic is so predictable, Kev.
oh yes – these perves think it completely acceptable to keep “peeping tom laws” from coming into existence.
Huh. See, now here I thought most places already have peeping tom laws.
But I’m part of the World O’Crap Brain Trust, so what do I know?
Is that Michaelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” in the background? For some reason, I want those two hands to just swat Kevvy on the back of his head.
In answer to the revered Doghouse, the Head Brain (masculine sector) did respond to Kevin’s
‘If you have ever dreamed of taking that fabulous shopping trip to New York City…’
with this:
‘Note: These are officially the gayest words ever written by someone who calls his blog “Musclehead Revolution.”’
And if that’s not enough to bring on a spasm of Gender Identity Panic, or whateveritscalled, I scarcely know what would be.
Kathy, it’s an honor just to be nominated.
Aside from a crack about using an accent aigu turning one gay?
Well, or lack of an e, since a “fiancé” is a man. It’s really the fault of those darn language police who make him write long lists instead of simply saing “our women”.
Speaking of intimations of Kevin’s lack of intelligence, here’s a delicate and indirect comment on the subject: Mr. Musclehead is precisely titled. Because, you know, he has muscles in his head instead of brains! But what can you expect from a musclehead? Musclehead indeed!
Wow, being a witty Town Hall columnist is easy!
What I want to know is what the hell is a ‘musclehead revolution”? When idiots get together and hold their breath and squeeze their heads so hard their eyes get all buggy?
Which then I imagine elicits such commentary as comes from Town Hall.
So the answer is, no, no one said a word about Kev being closeted,and his response, that the two references to his language suggest his sexuality is kept hidden, as opposed to being obvious, is unwarranted. I mean, if someone says to you, “I heard you were gay,” and you reply, “I’m not closeted!” you either have answered the question or you haven’t, but you haven’t answered “no” in either case. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.
Not to mention the stupid assumption that the Brain Trusters at the aptly named Wo’C would hurl accusations of homosexuality in entirely unrelated circumstances, as though it were an edged weapon. Anyway, my unlettered response to a casual or cursory glance of his pic is to say “that man could starve to death in a meat market,” but what do I know? I’ve heard tell that Peter Lorre made out quite nicely.
“intimations of my lack of intelligence, closeted sexuality”
But…you just make it so easy. Seriously.
Everything is either black or white with these people. It’s either outlaw looking at women or let every pervert drill a hole in the girls’ locker room. No in-between.
Is that Michaelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” in the background? For some reason, I want those two hands to just swat Kevvy on the back of his head.
hell, I’d be fine with Sluggo paying him a visit, no need for Mr Hands
I know it’s not nice to make fun of a person’s appearance, but just check the dude’s googly eyes out, man!
By the way, it should also be noted that Kevin has set a record here by making the venerable ”aptly named world o’ crap“ joke at least three times in a single post. Something I don’t think anyone has ever bothered to do before. Tres originale.
Hey now, Michael Fumento did it at least that man times in one comment thread!
By the way, Kev?
It’s spelled “pervs”, unless you’re speaking of Republican Senators caught with their hands under the “cookie jar” in Minnesota.
Then there’s an extra “e” on it. Just, you know, for distinction purposes.
Riley, our claims of his closeted homosexuality were themselves deeply closeted, so deeply that only someone even further in the closet could see them.
D. Sidhe, Kev talks to your breasts mostly because he himself is a boob and finds common ground.

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