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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Top Google Search Strings…

…bringing people to World O’ Crap today.  And this may, in fact, be our first All Sex or Sex By-Product edition.
  1. “Rod Majors” (a quotidian favorite ever since this post, and especially – oddly – even after this one
  2. “Angry cat sex life”
  3. “asian ken doll”
  4. “dick boy”
  5. “gay barbie”
  6. “batcave blueprints”
  7. “the Golden Driller” (just as weird, but not quite as dirty as it sounds).  And finally, making it’s debut this week:
  8. “blog crap boobs”
With the possible exception of number 8, this list kind of reads like the roster of a queer superhero team, so our apologies to everyone who arrived from Google hoping to find an underground web comic about the adventures of heroic rough trade.  (“Will Rod Majors and Dick Boy escape from the fiendish three-strap penis cage, or will the Golden Driller give them the shaft?”)  Tune in tomorrow…
Save the Angry Sex Cat.  Save the World.
Posted by scott on September 19th, 2007

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