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Saturday, January 29, 2011

July 6, 2006 by s.z.

We haven’t checked in on last year’s Ultimate Wingnut for a while (because life is just too short), but hey, if Mr. Hindrocket cares enough to keep writing stupid stuff, I guess we should take the time to laugh at him.
So, let’s consider his title question: “Who Betrayed the SWIFT Program?
Now, let’s take a gander at part of his post on the topic:
The American Spectator interviewed officials from the Treasury and Judiciary Departments on the SWIFT terrorist finance tracking leak. Here are some highlights:
The Justice Department has quietly and unofficially begun looking into possible sources for the leak. “We don’t think it’s someone currently employed by the government or involved in law enforcement or the intelligence community,” says another Justice source. “That stuff about ‘current and former’ sources just doesn’t wash. No one currently working on terrorism investigations that use SWIFT data would want to leak this or see it leaked by others. We think we’re looking at fairly high-ranking, former officials who want to make life difficult for us and what we do for whatever reasons.”
Sounds like another case of Democrat holdovers in the federal bureaucracy putting party ahead of country. […]
Democrats in the federal bureaucracy collude with Democrats in the press to undermine American foreign policy, hoping thereby to benefit their party. It’s one of the most important stories of the last four years, and so far, at least, there isn’t a single Democrat of national stature who has spoken out against this unholy alliance.
Yes, a source cited by the Am Spec (a publication of unquestioned integrity … in HELL!) opined that the leaker was a former high-ranking official. From that, John has come to the conclusion that he or she was a “Democratic holdover in the federal bureaucracy.”
Sure, it might seem like Mr. Hindrocket is guilty of not reading what he copied and pasted, but in truth, John knows more than the source, since John is an expert on the fed goverment’s massive conspiracy to make President Bush look bad.
So, just what should the President do to address this, one of the most pressing problems our nation faces? (A problem that is also one of important stories of the last four years, which sadly the Democrats are failing to handle, and which few pundits besides John have even discussed, proof positive that they’re part of the unholy alliance.)
First, Democrats shouldn’t be allowed to work for the news media. ‘Nuff said.
Second, Democrats should be barred from government service. This is wartime, after all, and so our bureaucrats should all be patriotic, well-scrubbed young Republicans (preferably Ledeens, or the scions of other righteous rightwing families — the Heritage Foundation could probably send over some resumes). It’s the only way to stop the unholy alliance between informed sources who are critical of the administration, and a media that wants to sell papers.
But that plan doesn’t go far enough, because, like guy who leaked to the Am Spec said, it might have been a FORMER official who spilled the beans. So, the President should use his wartime powers and order the execution of every Democrat who ever held a government job. (Sure, we could just detain them indefinitely at Gitmo, but the fellow travelers in the Supreme Court might shoot their mouths off about that.)
So, death for all Democrats. It’s the only way to keep our country safe.
And let this plan be known as “the Hindrocket Solution.”

11 Responses to “Need a Wingnutty Opinion? Call 1-800-LAWGUYS!”

If there was ever a person who could propose this plan and actually believe it should be implemented, it’s Hindrocket. He’s the kind of man only Stalin could love.
Someone critical of the Administration. Hmmmm. That narrows it down to less than 65% of the American public!
Only problem with getting rid of all the Democrats is you still got the independants, the old-world Republicans who don’t like Bush, the Middle East, the theocrats…
I’m still trying to figure out why the repunks are upset about this–I think Bush himself stated that financial institutions would be giving information on the financial transactions of suspected terrorists. And really (and maybe I’m wrong about this), but wasn’t the “front page” worthy part of this story in regards to how *all* transactions are being monitored, not just suspect ones? And if so, just how much like the former USSR do republicans want this country to become? Or am I completely wrong about the newsworthy aspect of the “swift” story. (and why does everything that sounds slimy and wrong with the bushes have the word “swift” associated with them?)
Just maybe they found it on the internets?
And from their March 10, 2006 Press Release we have this super duper triple secretive information.
FinCEN seeks industry input on feasibility of collection of cross-border wire transfer data
“If we can identify data in cross-border wire transfer records that helps protect economic and national security and find a workable way to efficiently collect that data – all while protecting and preserving its integrity – it will enormously strengthen our efforts,” said Robert W. Werner, FinCEN’s Director. “At the same time, we need to ensure that we do not impose regulatory requirements on the industry without the promise of real anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist funding benefits. This survey seeks to help us understand that regulatory impact and we encourage recipients to respond.”
Or maybe from this press conference? Held no other place than?
pessullivan, you are merely demonstrating the inherently treasonous tendencies of liberals. How dare you copy and paste the public web addresses of what even you admit is super duper triple secret information!
On another subject, I got my book today. Hooray!
Ever notice how if a Democrat takes the fall for something, it’s the highest-ranking Democrat there is? But if a Republican takes the fall, it’s always somebody like the substitute night janitor?
Democrat blame falls up; Gop blame falls down.
How dare me. I’m a Karl Rove wanna be!
Hope they’re not monitoring the net. If so, I’m history!
Come on, let’s go down and get the reward. We solved it, you solved it. The credit is all yours. The painting was eaten by a left-handed moth.
John is an expert on the fed goverment’s massive conspiracy to make President Bush look bad
Errrr, wouldn’t *President* Bush be at the head of that conspiracy?
Or to put it in terminology a paranoid would better understand…
Isn’t it probable that Bush HIMSELF is at the wheel of a vast conspiracy by the Federal government designed to undercut the authority and competence of the Bush administration? Could it be possible that the president himself is trying to make himself LOOK BAD??? Isn’t it just maybe possible that President Bush has rigged events to trigger a massive outpouring of hatred and distrust IN HIS OWN ADMINISTRATION in order to foment….errrrrr….something.
Or maybe he’s just an incompetent jerk who forgot to zip up his briefcase one day and a memo fell out.
I report, you decide.

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