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Friday, January 28, 2011

June 22, 2006 by s.z.

I want to thank Scott and Mary for getting the site moved — I know it took a lot of effort to get it up and running, and I really appreciate all the hard work they put into it. 
Seb from Sadly, No! also deserves my thanks for reasons which can’t be disclosed due to national security concerns.  I should probably send him an imaginary cake or something.
I hope you like the new, improved site, and that you will find it to be everything that a World o’Crap should be.  (If you are disappointed in any way, we will not only cheerfully refund your money, you can keep the wingnuts as our free gift to you!)  
Anyway, here’s a quote – try to guess who said it:  (Come on, guess — I dare you!)  For extra credit, explain what this means for Christianity.
Although my Christianity is somewhat more explicit in this book, Christianity fuels everything I write.

12 Responses to “A Quote to Ponder”

I’ll take Ann Coulter for thirty cents and a roll of Handi-Wipes, Alex.
What this means for Christianity: Well, if they buy into it, they have to start accepting Jewish people as Christians, and the Protestants are out. Sorry, One-Godders! You didn’t ask for her, but then, neither did we women.
“I’ll take Ann Coulter for 30 cents…”
That’s kind of a steep price for her, isn’t it?
I’m kind of ashamed to be the same SPECIES as her.
that’s gotta be Adam’s Apple Ann….
Ann, for a dime.
And that’s my final offer. Especially since the church she claims to attend frequently has never heard of her.
Christianity fuels everything I write
Yeah, she throws Gideon Bibles into the furnace to heat her house.
I’ve got to be the first to hit rock bottom.
Ann, for a penny.
That quote was just too easy (or is that a problem on my part?)
Yeah, It’s gotta be Man-Hands Ann.
“Christianity fuels everything I write”
Because in truth, Christians are what she eats for breakfast.
oh, looks like Ann Coulter.
Christianity fuels everything she writes because she feels if she bases her words on it, she’ll be more popular. Hell I don’t know. Just stopping through…
David Horowitz?
Ann Coulter, and YOU have to pay ME for saying so!
You can pay me in kitty points. I’m saving up for the little siamese.
What does this mean for Christianity? Hmmm……not much?
What does this mean for Christianity?
It means there is no God.
“…Christians are what she eats for breakfast.”
Christ Crispies?

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