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Friday, January 28, 2011

June 5, 2006 by scott (2)

Mug-worthy wag Simon Waugh has been doing some very nice work over at his blog, The Fifth Estate. Drop by for his update on how New York was able to hide all of it’s landmarks and monuments from the Department of Homeland Security (personally, I think they used the same Tibetan mind-clouding technique that Shiwan Khan used to make the Monolith Hotel invisible in The Shadow)…
Michael Chertoff using his immense psycho-kinetic powers to levitate the new Magic 8-Ball “threat matrix” device that reveals to him and him alone who will attack the US, when and where, and who deserves security moolah. He can also steal your watch without you noticing.
…and stay for his review of this year’s official Memorial Day observance:
Which brings us to JCS Admiral Giambistani ( the quiet one), and Gen Peter Pace who is “honored to represent” for the next 30 seconds �2. 4 million�� et cetera. But before he can say yet again how well things are going in Iraq, it�s time for another song!
When I wonder, will they open the phone lines so we can vote?

3 Responses to “American Graven Idol”

Isn’t Michael Chertoff the actor who played Balok in Star Trek?
Scott, are you just being nice to me to guilt me into actually buying a mug? “cos it might just work…
btw, Bob Nigh, CHertoff is also a bit “Grand Moff Tarkin” don’t you think?
Chertoff? I thought it had been established he was Skeletor? Did I miss a memo?
Simon, good work lately, if I hadn’t said it recently. Except, you know, when I managed your campaign to win this mug… ;-)

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