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Friday, January 28, 2011

June 25, 2006 by s.z.

Time for another kitten update (whether you like it or not). 
The kittens, who are 3-1/2 weeks old, are now using the litter box (hooray!)  However, they refuse to acknowledge the existance of any other food substance except kitten formula served in a bottle. They are active and playful, and have started to climb up the baby gate that is supposed to keep them contained in the bathroom.  (Tibby and Zigra enjoy trying to swat the kittens through the openings in the gate; I guess it’s their version of “Whack-a-Mole.”)
They are very eager for human contact, and climb up my legs (which is slightly painful when I am barelegged) whenever I enter the bathroom.   
So, get your kitten points in order, because the prizes will be awarded in just three weeks or so!
Now, some photos (you’ll have to excuse the quality; my cheap digital photo just isn’t up to the task of wildlife photography — but trust me, these kittens are WAY adorable).
First, here is the Siamese-esque kitten, snuggling alongside the girls, Celine and Lupita.  He is the largest of the litter, and really nice.  I am open to naming suggestions.  In fact, I would welcome them.  I considered “TV’s Frank,” because of the white hair, but I don’t know if it suits him.

And here is Bix Dugan (AKA “Wheezy”), who has regained all the weight he lost while he was sick, and has also regained his title as “The Cutest Kitten in the World.”

And here is a pile o’ kittens.

Anyway, my plans are coming along nicely.  Once the kittens are weaned (and stage three is accompished), we will be ready for stage four: RULING THE WORLD!  

8 Responses to “The Kitten Project: Phase Two”

I hope you find good homes for them all, lest you become the new “crazy cat lady” of the block. I’d volunteer to take one, except that I think you’re a goo 700+ miles away, and my labrador would thrash it to death. He’s already killed a 13-lined ground-squirrel this year, so I wouldn’t trust him around adult cats, let alone kittens.
So you didn’t like “Chu Yu”? I was pretty darn proud of it, myself. But, okay, I have been saving up “Kingfish” for a male cat to go with my Sapphire and he looks worthy of that name, too. Of course, “orphans”, as a theme, opens up a whole category of names, like Oliver Twist or Homer Wells. Is he constantly asking for more, or does he look like he might grow up to be a doctor (almost)?
They are all adorable, s.z. – you are to be commended.
aaawwww. You know what it means to live in the country? I have the only neutred barn kitties(who sneak inside with my blessing)
Mae Marie and Theade Marie. Adorable!!!!
Awwww. They’re so cute when they’re kittens, and then they grow up and start lying around the house, staring at you balefully and thinking, “You know, I could totally take her down. Maybe after my next nap.”
It has to be said… I, for one, welcome our Kitten Overlords.
I like TV’s Frank. I suppose you could name one of them Giant Shrew. But I’m still holding out for Gamera.
(And, no, I can’t take one. My older cat has barely adjusted to the existence of the younger cat, and it’s been, evidently, ten years.)
A dog looks at a person and thinks “they shelter me, feed me, love me. . . they take care of my every need. They must be a god.”
A cat looks at a person and thinks “they shelter me, feed me, love me. . . they take care of my every need. I must be a god.”
Nice kitties.

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