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Thursday, January 27, 2011

May 16, 2006 by scott

The World O’ Crap signature mug — As Seen in the recent Write Like a Wingnut Contest — is now available for purchase. Just click the link to the right, and get your day off to the Crappiest of Starts. Won’t you? Thank you.
Ad copy edited after input from our focus group.


However, I believe that you need to offer at least two items to call anything a ‘system’ in American Marketing Parlance….regardless of how ludicrous calling it a system is. (a spoon would qualify – and be a delightfully original and fitting systemic touch)
Add a spoon and I’ll buy it.
There is no spoon (I always wanted to say that)!
SYSTEM, early 17th century, Latin syn-, together, + the popular and utilitarian STA- group, to stand, whence all sorts of things: standards, understanding, stability, staying, steering, status, andSystem’s compound sisters: costs, constants, stasis, statues, statutes, and prostitutes. I’ve got to agree with Cynthia on this one; asystem requires more than one part or a complex set of procedures. I recommend doing what junk-food kid’s cereals do when all their nutrition comes from the added milk: call it “an important part of your beverage delivery system.”
Speaking of American Marketing Parlance, you should bear in mind that designing a second cup would allow you to call the old one “Classic”.
But Scott, if I type in the link on the coffee mug I go to the old site.
That would, actually, make it classic crap mug.
Do I have to keep it in the original packaging for it to be collectable?
Actually, the mug pictured in the link is the beta version (which is what Simon will be receiving so yes, he’d better leave it in the shrinkwrap if he ever hopes to get a decent price on ebay).
The mug available from CafePress has the new url.
Damn, I knew I should have tried harder in the “write like a wingnut” contest.
I wasn’t part of the focus group, so I couldn’t tell you then that your promo needs more Oomph, more Zowie, more… Winnnuttiness. Here’s a suggestion for you to try:
We only get 5% of our wignnuttiness from the NEA (National Endowment for AnnCoulter’sChest), and 10% from coporate sponsors (such as the Bill and Melinda O’Reilly Foundation), but the rest must come from you. Won’t you become a World O’Crap member today?
For a $15 wingnut pledge, you’ll receive our WoC coffee mug as a gift, suitable for catching Richard Cohen’s tears or blood from the pierced side of our Lord and Savior W hanging on the cross.
For a $30 wingnut pledge, a beatiful WoC tote bag will be yours, suitable for hiding Ann Coulter or John Stossel’s latest screed from probing eyes.
And for a $100 wignut pledge, you and one of you soon-to-be former friends will join us in an amazing concert with Yawnny (Doug Giles) Live at the ACrockO’Piss.
Won’t you think of the wingnuts? Please join us today.
I purchased four, one for me, one for my Conservative Dad who has Seen The Light, and two for…backup. It’s a cool mug.
I don’t need another coffee cup. How about some little post-it stickies? Especially useful for teachers and book editors.
Ted writes: That would, actually, make it classic crap mug.
Jeez, Ted, “World ‘o Crap Mug” already comes dangerously close to thundermug as it is, especially given the size of the friggin’ thing.
Anybody looking for a system– and hey, who isn’t, in this fast-paced, anything-for-a-buck world o’ crap– just buy the WOC shirt too, and you’ll have a beverage spillage system, i.e., something to drink it from and something to slop it on, when you’re convulsively laughing at one of scott or s’s better lines. Now that’s comedy!
Scott and s., wow, man, you guys have like totally sold out, man.
It used to be about the crap, man.
The crap!
Marq: I LOVE IT.
Chris Vosburg: It still is – it’s just now Crappucino. ;)
We are SO stealing that.
I bought two, one for each eye!
I’d buy one, but that cafepress place is a !#$!ing rip off. I once bought a mug, a t-shirt and a sticker there and after conversion to my formerly weak-kneed currency I ended up spending three years salary on the damn stuff. And the mug broke when it hit my dachshund in the head, who is now permanently brain damaged even more than she was in the first place.
They sure are nice though, maybe I’ll take another chance now that I’ve been saving up for the past few years.
Jeez, Ted, �World �o Crap Mug� already comes dangerously close to thundermug as it is, especially given the size of the friggin� thing.
well, with the increased load capacity compared to non-Wo’C mugs, you can now spit coffee all over your monitor and keyboard several times before you need to replenish

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