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Friday, January 28, 2011

May 19, 2006 by s.z.

Good news, everyone: the Young Americans for Freedom has been reborn!
As you may recalls, YAF (which is not to be confused with this YAF), is the conservative youth group started at William F. Buckley, Jr.’s house in the 1960′s, but which by later became a club for right-wing thugs and hooligans whose raison d’etre was to try to provoke fights so they could beat the crap out of “commies.”
But, apparently the death of Ronald Reagan so demoralized them that they just couldn’t summon the energy to clobber hippies anymore. At least, that’s what a glance at their site, which hasn’t been updated since 2003, seems to indicate.
So, you can understand why we were so excited to learn from Human Events Online that the group has made a come back. (And it’s just as thuggish as before!)
Here’s the report:
Young Americans for Freedom Is Reborn
by Craig Burgess and Kevin DeAnna
Members of Young Americans for Freedom came from as far away as Michigan to support a start-up chapter of YAF at Liberty University last weekend.
Hey, if any campus deserves a chapter of YAF, it’s Jerry Falwell’s college. And to think that it took an appearance by John McCain to get things rolling! (The YAFfers weren’t there to support McCain’s pro-war stance, or even to heckle him for cozying up to the Christian Right after calling Falwell an “agent of intolerance.” No, they came to denounce his immigration policies, since McCain has sponsored legislation which would allow illegals to remain alive. (And anti-immigrant rhetoric is a cornerstone of the reborn YAF.)
But back to HEI:
The YAF-ers came to oppose Sen. John McCain�s immigration policies and rallied along the side of the road. After getting lots of enthusiastic responses from passing cars, they marched to the entrance of the school and demonstrated there, leaving only after the police threatened them with arrest.
What a bunch of sissies! Do you think that the noble Confederate forces (or even the stalwart SS) would have stopped rallying about McCain’s immigration policies just because they were threatened with arrest? I hope they at least made some girls cry or took some candy from some kids after the cops left.
This action is part of a general effort to revitalize Young Americans for Freedom and create a real right-wing youth movement to mobilize against the Republican leadership for secure borders and national sovereignty.
Anybody besides me think they should just change the name of the group to “Hitler Youth” and be done with it?
During the protest several people stopped to talk with the YAF protesters. All were in support of the YAF position against McCain and illegal immigration. One construction worker walked from a nearby construction site to voice his support saying that most of his co-workers on the site could not even speak English.
And if you have the intolerant, redneck construction workers behind you on an issue, then you must be on the side of the angels.
A Liberty University parent also stopped and said he could not believe that someone like McCain was actually being invited to speak at Liberty.
Yeah! What was the administration thinking, letting a war hero Senator like McCain tarnish the good name of the university?
He asked about YAF and said he was glad to see that someone was openly voicing what most people were thinking.
That could be YAF’s new slogan: “We’re just voicing what most people are thinking, if the things that crawl under the rocks of FreeRepublic and LittleGreenFootballs are considered to be ‘most people.’”
Reporters also stopped by with questions about the rally and YAF.
And yet, when I did a Google News search, I found exactly one story about “Young Americans for Freedom” and “McCain” (it’s this very HEI piece). I bet Dan Rather personally spiked all the other pieces!
The day before members of YAF had attended a Minutemen rally in Washington, D.C., and were confronted with a gaggle of left-wing militants and Reconquistadors who attempted to disrupt the rally. They shouted obscenities and slogans in Spanish.
While the patriotic Yahoos YAFfers don’t speak any of those barbaric non-American languages, they knew the left-wing militants and traitors were shouting obscenities, because that’s just the kind of thing they would do. The YAFfers, of course, were the very model of civility and restraint.
No, wait, they behaved like trouble-making jerks.
YAF-ers carried Don�t Tread on Me Flags and megaphones and chanted �Smash Left-Wing Scum� at protesters, which caused some of them to attempt to turn violent. Police were forced to intervene when leftists attempt to surge at the pro-Minutemen line. The protesters seemed surprised to encounter right-wing activists who were not afraid to engage them.
Uh huh. I bet the leftists were shaking in their jackboots when they learned that THESE right-wing activists dared to employ deadly taunts and chants!
These activities highlight efforts by Young Americans for Freedom across the country to re-energize the right across America.
Check out the last photo, which shows the YAFfers protesting outside a Toys ‘R Us, to really get the picture of how inspiring and re-engergizing their efforts were.
Now, doesn’t that story make you proud of today’s young people?
Speaking of which, all their HEI bios tells us about our young authors is that they are members of YAF. So, I did a little Googling. Here’s part of what I learned about Kevin:
Kevin DeAnna is a recent graduate of William & Mary who is currently being sued for libel. It seems that while at W&M he served as editor of The Remnant, a far-right student publication which accused a 16-year-old girl of lying about being raped by a frat boy. (The boy accepted a plea, admitting to having had sex with an underage girl,and to have provided alcohol to a minor — The Remnant seemed to believe that this exonerated the boy of any wrongdoing. They called him “the only real victim in this case,” and referred to the victim as “the girl who lied.”)
Kevin himself wrote an editorial which claimed that he had known from the first that the girl’s story was �too theatrical” to be true, and said that it was obvious that “it would have been almost impossible for Kenneth Lang to put on a condom while simultaneously holding down a desperately struggling victim.” The girl is seeking $800,000 compensatory and punitive damages, so one hopes that Kevin has a good job.
Instead, one learns that he now holds a Deputy Office Manager position at Ken Blackwell’s Leadership Institute (he works in the Campaign Leadership School, which purports to show youngsters “how to win [elections] even if you are outspent and none of the so-called experts gives you a chance. ”
When not busy teaching kids “exactly what it takes to run a grassroots campaign and win!”, he recruits Freepers to join various flakey protests.
Boots on the Ground Needed
Posted on 02/16/2006 11:12:16 AM PST by kevinjdeanna
This is an urgent request to all DC freepers. Young Americans for Freedom is going to be counterprotesting the open borders march on this Saturday, March 18, on the West Lawn of the Capitol. Any boots on the ground would be much appreciated.
Sadly, only a handful of people joined the protest (even Kevin said he ditched it to protest the Danes, or eat Danish or something), but it still was apparently a great success:
Everyone did a great job and I was proud to work with you guys.
We put up a bunch of pictures at our website too.
Yes, Kevin and Craig are two of the guiding lights behind the erudite journal of ideas Smash Left-Wing Scum, which offers more details about the YAF/Scum protests against McCain and immigrants:
While left-wing scum Senator John McCain gave the commencement speech at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, 5 of your Smash Left-Wing Scum heroes told the residence of Lynchburg that true conservative oppose John McCain and his leftist immigration stance.
A handful of others joined the SLWS members in the protest that gained a fair amount of support from passersby. Due to permit restrictions, we were only allowed to protest in a place where we would not be visible to McCain.
McCain apparently couldn’t see the five Scums and their “handful of others” over at Toys R’ Us, and so our heroes didn’t get a chance to beat him to a pulp like they planned.
But it was a little more exciting at the Minutemen rally:
As many of you know, there was a big Minuteman rally in DC today. … Towards the end of the rally, the 6 SLWS operatives began chanting “Smash Left-Wing Scum!”, and others from our side joined. Women, children, old men. One Capitol Police officer told us to leave because we were ‘just trying to start crap’, but instead we began talking to him and he settled down.
So this is the kind of activity that the reborn YAF is undertaking in an effort to re-energize the right! I can see why Human Events Online was proud to herald their achievements.
But it is true that the YAF/Scum forces have had a real impact on stuff. (At least, that’s what their site says.)
What impact has SLWS had?
Well, we’ve encouraged some protests and demonstrations on both coasts and in a few states in between. We’ve broke some stories. We’ve encouraged a number of conservatives to understand that there is no need for decorum when it comes to dealing with left-wing scum.
I’m sure Ronald Reagan and Bill Buckley are very proud.
Now, on to Craig Burgess.
But here the plot takes a sinister turn, for there is no Craig Burgess associated with YAF! No, Craig is actually Craig BURGERS, AKA CW Burgers, AKA “Arminius .” (You’ll have to come up with your own theory about why he changed his name for this article — mine involves a young man who was fed up with taunts about fast food sandwiches.)
Now, here’s a brief bio, courtesy of Wikipedia:
Craig Burgers is a paleoconservative political activist from Michigan. He is a founding member of the Michigan Youth Offensive, a national board member of Young Americans for Freedom, and an official with the local Republican Party. Burgers has been quoted in dozens of newspapers and other media sources for organizing demonstrations against liberals like Jesse Jackson and Al Gore. Conservative author Dan Flynn calls Burgers “Burger-time.”
And here’s part of his old YAF profile:
What was your greatest influence in becoming conservative/libertarian
Watching western civilization being destroyed before my eyes
Your greatest YAF story
Plenty of great YAF stories. My favorite moments would have to be protesting Jesse Jackson and the pro-America rallies we held at MSU in support of the war on terror. On all those occasions we got to confront the left face to face.
Interestingly enough, almost everyone’s “greatest YAF story” involves a physical confrontations with liberal scum.
Your top 5 heroes
Wilhelmus Van Nassau, Dutch independence leader.
S.J.P. Kruger, Leader of the South African Boer resistance to British aggression.
Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy.
Patrick Henry, American patriot
Ronald Reagan, He just rules
White supremacy rulz 2!!!
What is the best story you can tell from a protest
Some leftists were holding an anti-war rally and we were out numbered at least 4 to 1 but thaks to the help of our gigantic MSU-YAF megaphone we were able to drown them out totally. Cars along the road booed the leftists and cheered for us as we marched behind them with flags and signs saying “USA kicks ass!”. Later we got in a car and drove along side them blasting a siren and shouting “USA USA USA” and “March faster commies, we don’t got all day.” They were so angry, it was hilarious. Some old hippie wearing a Mao button lost it and started screaming “F YOU F YOU” over and over. It was great to ruin the left’s little anti-war parade.
Wow, that was a great story! I hope that “Craig Burgess” isn’t too good to blast commies with a siren.
Craig should have graduated from Michigan State by now (he started college in 2001) , but I can’t discover what he’s doing now — possibly he became a professional bully, and possibly he rolls drunks for change.
But whatever he’s doing, it apparently pays him well enough (and gives him enough free time) that he can travel the country to rally the right, stage protests at Toys ‘R Us, and hassle the liberal/hippie scum.
In conclusion, I hope this piece left you as encouraged about the future of America as I am, and that you’ll encourage the young neo-Nazis of your acqaintance to check out YAF. Do it for Bill Buckley.

34 Responses to “They Were the Young Americans”

George is on tv saying assimilate. Like 3 different times. And pronounced the word and used it correctly. Wow.
Oh shit!! Brittney almost DROPPED her baby! My God, she is terrible.
Yes, I’m watching CNN, and weeping for Ted Turner.
“As a Liberty University parent,” is possibly the most horrifying modifying clause I’ve run across in some time. You’d never catch your own Mrs. Biscuitbarrel using it!
“Young Americans
Young Americans
They were the young Americans
All right!”
I love that “enthusiastic responses from passing cars” bit. I’m picturing lots of extended middle fingers, loud honking and shouts of Get Out Of The F–king Road A–holes!
Anybody besides me think they should just change the name of the group to �Hitler Youth� and be done with it?
*raising hand*
Anybody besides me think they should just change the name of the group to �Hitler Youth� and be done with it?
Wow. I’m in the middle of a book called The Beast Reawakens, about the post-WWII Nazi and NeoNazi involvement in various right-wing movements, revolutions (Egypt), and other nasty stuff. It’s really disturbing to be reading that while keeping one eye on the news and movements like this. It sounds way too familiar.
Back in around 1974 (?) the movie, ‘Little Big Man’ came out. A friend and I, big Dustin Hoffman fans, went to see it.
Remember the part of the movie when the soldiers massacred the entire village (Sand Creek?) of women, kids and old folks? The soundtrack was playing that flute song?
When the killing began, the audience, acting as one, erupted into cheers, whistles and generally yelling encouragement.
My question; were these guys in the audience?
I suspect the Toys R’ Us protest had something to do with Dora the Explorer’s documentation.
And Mr. Burger reminds me of the worst of the online gamers I’ve come across. If only he had the good sense to limit his hatred to those n00bs who ninja’d his loot…
“Hey, Mr. Burgers, you wan some fries with that?”
You just know he’s heard this his whole life.
“Anybody besides me think they should just change the name of the group to �Hitler Youth� and be done with it?”
Well, “Bush” isn’t “Hitler,” so they’d have to change the name.
I suggest “Bush League.”
That describes them to a “T.”
Burgers is still listed as being on the 2005-2006 MSU College Republican Executive Board (though it looks like the last update is from March). There’s also a handy link to the MSU YAF, who apparently tried to start a scuffle with the local Students for Economic Justice group over Coke. (Seriously.)
Due to permit restrictions, we were only allowed to protest in a place where we would not be visible to McCain.
Wow, that’s gotta suck, having Bush’s rules applied to them.
Honestly, “Smash Left Wing Scum”? I wonder what Michelle Malkin would call a group with a name like “Smash Right Wing Scum”. Probably figure they were totally unhinged.
And, uh, I’ve been to protests with accompanying counterprotests. How do they know the passers-by were cheering for them, as opposed to the anti-war folks? Well, they most likely don’t. But a little ego makes up for a lot of uncertainty.
Smash Left Wing Scum
Sounds kind of like Valerie Solanas’ “Society for Cutting Up Men,” but without the lucid manifesto.
You know, I have to tell you folks that as a recent graduate of WIlliam and Mary, we really aren’t all a bunch of wackos. Like seriously. I mean, I know Ben Domenech went to W&M though never graduated, and now Kevin DeAnna is starting to make us look bad too. William and Mary is actually a pretty normal campus. Conservative by college standards (it’s no UC-Berkely) but at the same time its not like Bringham Young or Liberty. It’s still an American college campus and far more liberal that the greater peninsula area. Yet for some odd reason, we do seem to have a tiny radical wacko element.
I remember Kevin DeAnna and the shameful rape incident at WM in which the Remnant published the personal information of the rape victim. They took a lot of flack for that and rightfully so. It’s nice to see them getting sued for libel.
I also remember that from time to time these troglodites would raise their ugly heads and fire off an editorial in the Flat Hat bitching about various discriminatory issues they faced, such as the evils of having a special minority-only orientation seminar, the unfairness of using affirmative action to hire/recruit unqualified minorities, and the secularization of America via removing 10 commandments monuments from across the nation. Fortunately, they were able to hold an affirmative action bake sale and therefore stem the tide of racial equality and justice a little longer.
Oh and the ultimate irony? All these guys are pseudo-libertarians. William and Mary is a public school.
When I saw Little Big Man, no one made a sound. I don’t think I said a word for about a half hour after the movie ended.
And Mr. Burger reminds me of the worst of the online gamers I�ve come across.
You know, I’ve always suspected that the most irredeemable gankers, the high-level ones who go out and hunt new players in large groups, were Republicans. It just SEEMS like their sort of method.
They’re so damn PROUD of their transparent intimidation methods. It’s amazing.
Wow! Craig has a “gigantic MSU-YAF megaphone!” He must be a REAL man!
what a hoot!!!
the left needs to start a new group”the eugene debs dancing club”
i personally would love to meet some of those repub/fascist pukes because if they think left wingers are hippie pacifists they are in for a rude awakening
It would be wrong for anyone to call these cowardly pukes on their taunting and provocation. Wrong to call them on their chickenhawk verbal threats of violence and actually beat the snot out of them for the first time in their lives.
So terribly, terribly wrong.
we need to convince the more violent of the YAFfers that the most effective form of protest and civil disobedience was that practiced by certain vientamese monastics during the war–namely, setting oneself on fire. Maybe while chanting “u-s-a—u-s-aaah–u-s-aaaarggghhh”
Think I’m being silly? Consider this–to protest the Feds’ “unfair” treatment of serial bomber Eric Rudolph, Eric’s brother sawed off his own arm with a radial arm saw. As one of the neighbors said at the time, “I guess he showed them.” So how much of a stretch would it be to get some like-minded people hooked on the idea of self-immolation?
Even the gay Equality Riders stood their ground and got arrested!
As a gay man, saying that feels good!
“Michigan Youth Offensive?” If you have to tell people that you’re offensive, you’re not doing it right.
The “new” YAFers sound exactly like the ones I remember from the Reagan years. Young Americans for Fascism.
Although I will probably never have the opportunity to put this into action, I have a vision of a large crowd answering the “Smash Left Wing Scum” chant with loud long taunts of “YOU JUST TRY IT”.
Their stories about near-confrontations with “leftist scum” reminded me of that Doug Giles bit where he “almost” kicked the asses of a couple of dudes who were being rude to his “lovely” wife and daughters. “Almost.”
…�I guess he showed them.� …
I really, really should not be laughing here
“He asked about YAF and said he was glad to see that someone was openly voicing what most people were thinking.”
Oh, that’s not a good thing. It’s pretty much something you only here from racists, who assume that everybody is inherently racist, but have been stopped from saying it by the PC police.
Normal organisations try to convince people of their position.
Proto-fascist organisations assume that everybody who matters already agrees, so they have to kill the few untermensch who are oppressing the people who matter.
And, yeah, obviously whoever has the loudest megaphone has the best argument.
And again, the question must be asked–these “Young Americans” are not in the military helping to spread democracy because…..?
I mean, they certainly have the “lingo” down, i.e., “Boots on the Ground Needed”
Well. we’ve almost gotten to 30 comments without Godwining the thread. Whoops…
Don’t be schtupid,
Be a schmartie,
Come and join the Nazi Party
Sorry–I just couldn’t help myself.
AF-ers carried Don�t Tread on Me Flags and megaphones
well, at least we know where they got the inspiration
I wonder how many of them know that their slogan closely resembles “Smersh Spionem” — which was a Stalinist program for dealing with perceived enemies of the state. It meant “smash spies.”
You missed the lede. Given their connections, it’s of more than normal forensic interest that these guys’ “Smash Left-Wing Scum!” website not only (1) affects a nasty 1930s political street-fighter aesthetic (albeit not entirely plausibly, given their pasty, doughy selves), but also (2) promotes and links to anti-Semitic propaganda and the major European neo-fascist political parties. See the promos for the British National Party, French National Front, etc. Boys will be boys, I suppose, but this really is deviant — way out of bounds, witless promulgation of actual neo-fascism.
These young men are attached to significant figures in the American right: they evidently now speak for YAF, which, whatever its recent dishevelment, has been a central institution, and one of them works for Ken Blackwell.
Who will ask the grey old men of the Leadership Institute, Human Events, etc., why they’re giving succor to these abnormal people?
I have it on strong authority that pessullivan is gay.
Just thought you’d like to know
i’m not surprised.craigs grandfather was a member of the wehrmacht during the second worldwar and being jailed afterwards in holland for collaborating with the the apple did not fall far from the tree.
wow, you guys talk a lot of crap. i wonder if you’d ever have the balls to confront craig and kevin about your problems with them?

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