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Friday, December 31, 2010

February 29, 2004 by s.z.

The REAL Victims
Doug Giles answers critics of Mel's Passion:
First off, “The Passion” is not anti-Semitic, its pro-history.  Do the Jews want to erase from the historical record the carnage of the holocaust and its perpetrators because it makes Germans uncomfortable?  I don’t think so.
Yes, the Jews crucifying Christ is just as historical as the holocaust, and we must "never forget," or the Jews will keep killing our Messiahs.

Besides, Christians are the Jews best friends, for they too know what it's like to be persecuted:
Modern Christians are immediately linked to the Inquisition or the Crusades every time they speak out publicly on an issue or pray over their lunch at the Olive Garden
I've seen it a hundred times, but it still kind of bothers me when Christians who say grace in the Olive Garden are herded off to concentration camps.
Christians know what Jews go through regarding persecution.  There are rabid monosyllabic anti-Christian and anti-Semitic sentiments at work in the world brought on, primarily, by the WWF tag team of Islam and liberal secularism.  
Yeah, those vicious liberal secularists are always persecuting Christians -- and since the libs are tag teaming with the Islamonazis, it's THEM the Jewish Defense League should be fussing about, not Mel Gibson.

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What Reading Sean Hannity Books Can Do To You

The NY Daily News reported that four more people (including their marketing dirctor) have quit ReganBooks, "the highly profitable publishing imprint at Rupert Murdoch's HarperCollins," recently.  The problem: apparently Judith Regan is a real bitch.  The four are among "nearly a dozen" that have left in the past two years.
Regan is unapologetic. "You know what? To be very successful, there's a lot of very hard work, and a lot of insanity, which goes with the territory," she told me. "I run a tight ship, work with very creative and hardworking people, who are really smart and really aggressive. We also produce at a very high level. Some people can't do that. Some people don't have the work ethic, the creativity, the drive, the ambition, the desire - and that's why they don't make it. 
But a former ReganBooks staffer said: "She is the boss from hell," and half a dozen ex-employees complained to me about Regan's allegedly abusive behavior.
Fearing reprisals from their former boss, none of these ex-staffers would allow me to identify them. Their testimony, however, is remarkably consistent.According to multiple sources, the 50-year-old mother of two is a brilliant publisher with an uncanny feel for the marketplace. She can also be enormously charming.But she is also, I've been told, a bully who regularly addresses underlings as "f-- retards" and "f-- idiots," and phones them after midnight at home to berate them in profanity-laced tirades.
I'm told that one Regan employee developed a stress-induced rash, and another suffered stomach trouble under her steady fire.
Regan has published such tomes as Deliver Us from Evilby Sean Hannity; The Case Against Hillary Clinton by Peggy Noonan;God and Ronald Reagan by Paul Kengor; Think a Second Timeby Dennis Prager; and Bush vs. the Beltway : How the CIA and the State Department Tried to Stop the War on Terror by Laurie Mylroie.  

Did the books make Ms. Regan crazy and mean, or did she choose to publish these kinds of books BECAUSE she was crazy and mean?  It's like the chicken/egg conumdrum, only with more payoffs to disgruntled employees in exchange for nondisclosure agreements.   
Bottom line: I've had some bad bosses, but none of them telephoned me after midnight to call me a "f---ing retard".  So, Judith Regan wins today's World O'Crap Boss of the Week award.  She also gets, for just .99, a copy of Deliver Us from Evil. 

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From Who's Sauron -- bin Lauden or Bush? by Steven Hart: 
For that matter, the invasion of Iraq makes a poor match with the War of the Ring.  It only works if we can imagine Gandalf as having cut business deals with Sauron back in the Second Age, even providing him with the seed cultures for breeding his legions of orcs.  There is no question of imminent threat in "The Lord of the Rings" -- the armies of Mordor come looking for trouble.  Had Gondor marshaled its troops only to find Mordor bare of weapons, and Barad-dur ready to crumble at a touch, then we might find parallels with George W. Bush's grand venture.
And if, when rumors about Aragorn having been AWOL from the rangers began to surface, he tried to curry favor with the dwarves by banning human/elf marriage.

Anyway, wait for Jonah Goldberg to be all over Hart's piece in the Corner today.  You might want to wear some of that elvish chainmail while you read.

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