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Monday, January 31, 2011

...And Kam Fong as Chin Ho

Apologies for my spotty contributions lof late.  I’ve been having computer problems for the past week or so, leaving the bulk of the blogging burden to s.z., and forcing her to balance her witty bon mots about contemporary politics with a frequent deployment of Handiwipes to cope with the unending slurry of kitten and dog ejecta that is rapidly turning her stately manor into a Superfund site.

The good news is, I’ll probably be around even less next week, since I’m taking a brief, long overdue, and completely undeserved vacation to Hawaii (although I may reappear at any moment and challenge Americablog to an orchid-blogging deathmatch).
Be there.  Aloha.

4 Responses to “…And Kam Fong as Chin Ho”

…And Kam Fong as Chin Ho.
A few years ago when I first got tivo, I began recording and watching all episodes of hawaii-five-0, and that part right there just cracks me up for some reason.

They have no choice but to mention both his real name and the name of his character – but for some reason it is hilarious. Can you explain it please?
What, no love for Zulu as Kono? Or was it Kono as Zulu?
What, no love for Zulu as Kono? Or was it Kono as Zulu?
Call me sentimental, but to me Zulu will always be “Zulu” from the failed 1977 Quinn Martin pilot Code Name Diamond Head, which also starred Roy Thinnes as “Johnny Paul,” swinging Waikiki-based counterintelligence agent and heir to the frozen fishstick fortune.
I’m getting one of those totally undeserved Hawaii vacations in November, apparently. My partner’s cousin is getting married, and apparently this time I’m expected to meet the family. With any luck they won’t all hate me. But even if they do, my partner’s father is paying for the trip, and I might get to see an actual gray or humpback whale or something.

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