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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Friday Cat Outing

First came the frequent, contrarian comments from “Socks,” who was pelted with oppobrium by the supposedly “tolerant” liberals who frequent this blog.  Then “Bootsie” joined in to support Socks’ constitutional right to state that “that guy with the leafblower is responsible for all wars,” and to explain that when Socks said, “What do you think you’re looking at, Sugar Teats?” she was under the influence of catnip.  But after both Socks and Bootsie werre eventually driven from World O’Crap, ”Tennessee Tuxedo” suddenly appeared and exposed Jet Jaguar as a cat!  Finally, all hell broke loose when the comments were besieged by Frank Gorshin as “Bele,” the chocolate/vanilla bipedal 50/50 bar from the Star Trek episode, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.

Now, at last, the truth is out.  Employing the same advanced C.S.I. techniques used by Pepperment Patterico to scientifically prove that Tbogg is that guy he always said he was, we have conclusively demonstrated that all of the above commenters were sock puppets for RILEY, a known housecat, who was discovered in the sock drawer.  Moreover, we have incontrovertible photographic evidence (that the MSM doesn’t want you to see!) that she was caught in the act of shedding, kerning, and firing rockets on behalf of Hezbollah.

Ball’s in your court, Lefty Bloggers.

19 Responses to “Friday Cat Outing”

Wait, was that not the right reaction?
I think that it’s the exactly RIGHT reaction. But then, I’m biased.
Man, don’t do that to me! I had to pop up to the top of the article and see who wrote it. For a second there I thought s.z. had acquired yet another cat! Phew!
Yes, I am admitting that I just jump into the blogposts without paying attention to who wrote them, but it’s a complement. You both write so well, and I’m eager to read. And I always discern the authorship at some point or another!
OK, that kinda sucked, too.
Think of it as Who Said It with a fifty fifty chance of winning, Marq. You’re not ignoring who wrote it, you’re just practicing.
Hmmmmm…you know, checking the font on this post, it’s one that didn’t exist yesterday! Therefore this post MUST have written on a different computer, a new Intel Mac perhaps, so you must NOT be Scott and we MUST fire Katie Couric!
I say, Send ‘em all to Gitmo! Then shut the place down and see what Castro – you know, the other one – has to say about THAT!
Aww, the kitty! I just sorted through a dresser drawer and pulled out a sweatshirt that hasn’t seen the light of day in five years. It’s covered with cat hair. The ways of our feline overlords are mysterious indeed
Awwww! Casa Biscuitbarrel has always been Feline Free because the manly Mr. Biscuitbarrel is allergic to cats. So I’m a sucker for other people’s pets. Sock-drawer drama here at Casa B occurs when my not-so-wee laddies get dressed, and usually take their socks from Mr. B’s well-stocked sock drawer. Then when he himself tries to find a pair, there’s Lots of Shouting.
Those glowing kitty eyes reminded me of the opossum that took up residence one winter next to the foundation of my house, a sheltered area into which the dryer vented. So it not only was a warm spot, but somewhat fluffy.
Mrs. Biscuitbarrel, did said possum then attempt to get closer to the heat source by chewing on the outside vent and the siding around it, and then try to climb up into the dryer itself?
I’m just asking, ’cause the Beastmaster & her Dick killed a shitload of very ballsy squirrels last year for doing exactly that.
And what a beautiful puddy. Appropriately indignant, as befits their station in life, as our just and merciful masters…
(No, my cats don’t have internet access, but it never hurts to lay it on a little extra, even when you can’t bring ‘em home with you.)
It could be a doctored photo. It could be a conspiracy. But he’s still mighty cute!
Got a photo of Jet Jaguar? I’m curious to see if he even remotely looks like the robot from “Godzilla vs Megalon”.
Miss Cellania Says:
August 7th, 2006 at 10:07 am
It could be a doctored photo. It could be a conspiracy. But he’s still mighty cute!

MissC has a point. Perhaps Reuters doctored a photo of a white cat to make him look more evil than it really is?
Huh? What about that, terrorist sympathizer???
Can we assume the reason you haven’t posted in a while has something to do with Cat Retaliation?
We took the kitties to the vet one time, with one meowing pathetically and the other glowering furiously. “Awww,” said my partner. “Cute little kittens.” (They’re each fifteen-plus pounds.) “They’re planning to flay and eat us tonight.” “Awwwww. Cute little kitten revenge.”
EEEK! Perish the thought D! Should we call out the posse?
I’m reminded of a time when I risked life and limb to capture a wild kitty that had taken up residence in our barn, and took her to be spayed. She put on quite the display of indignation, but to this day I am the only one that she will allow herself to be pet by.
Ohmygod….the terrorists (cat division) have won????
I just got my copy of Better Living through Bad Movies. After reading only five pages I have saved my marriage. I didn’t want to, but the book is that powerful.
I had a family of Possums coming in the cat door every night and making themselves at home. Eating cat food and kicking back.
D. Sidhe, no, the opossum never did try such invasive measures, and at least he and his pals didn’t do what they did over at merlallen’s place. The neighbors on the other side of us had the ‘possum humanely removed and relocated (no, I didn’t ask them if an assumed name was involved).
However, a dozen years ago a pack of squirrels did invade our attic and chewed through the wiring of Casa Biscuitbarrel’s central air conditioning system.
The a/c guys refused to come near us until the unwanted-animal-removal guys sounded the all-clear. They brought in an enormous trap, baited it with a double scoop of Creamy Jif, and left it in the attic for a week while we sweltered.
On the other hand, that was one of the few times I ever went to a mall for recreational purposes. We pushed the stroller aimlessly in the nice cool air, and my youngest, clad only in a cotton sunsuit, was in such a fine mood that unlike his brothers, he consented to have his picture taken at Sears. Cutest kid photo I ever got!

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