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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bikini: A Toll

In Day 2 of Bikinigate, Michelle Malkin continues to claim that that she has been the victim of a hoax perpetrated by rogue elements in the .jpg-modifying community. As you recall, a portrait has recently surfaced, purportedly showing the pundit modeling a two-piece bathing costume as she clutches a wall for support and wrestles unsuccessfully with a malfuctioning tanktop, her fixed, lustreless eyes indicating that she is still reeling from a partial head-shrinking sustained after an encounter with some Jivaro tribesman on Spring Break.

Debate in the blogsphere has been fierce, but a consensus has emerged that the image was clearly faked. That is, until further evidence appeared proving that Michelle was not the only right-wing opinionmonger present when the photo was taken. As you can see below, Paul Mirengoff and John Hinderaker of Powerlineblog were also on the guest list, which suggests that this was not, as Wonkette and Gawker originally reported, some Daytona Beach bacchanalia from the early 90s, but candid snaps from the Pajamamedia launch party.
Yes, the truth can be ugly.  But Photoshop doesn’t lie.

OK, that answers the long questioned, “Which Powerweenie has teh ‘man-tits’?” But it fails to address the equally enigmatic, “Which Powerpufflawyer has a mangina?” And, should you find out, please don’t tell us.
Damn! That woke me up! :-)

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