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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NSA, Please Pass This Info to the FBI

Our new friend ”Trollie” seemed really eager to get somebody to read his messages. So, I did. And I learned that he is apparently a British ”Christian crusader” who is an also a “Christian Jew” who lives in New Zealand, when not being an apostate Mormon who lives in Utah. And his hobbies include hating Jews, hating homosexuals, hating women, hating sex, hating “South Park,” and hating the Church of England.

Anyway, even though Trollie is probably just a teen with too much time on his hands who decided that it would be fun to post a lot of “bad stuff” on liberal websites to see if he could provoke a reaction, in these Patriot Act days, he might want to consider the wisdom of associating himself with domestic terrorist groups like the Army of God (Eric Rudolph’s gang) and the Phineses Priesthood (the terrorist arm of the Christian Identity movement), and then posting online assassination lists.

Yes, by doing so, he could very well have Michelle Malkin going after him. Hey, we know how quick she is to jump on anything hinting of terrorism, and how upset she gets at anyone who make Internet threats. (And she even wrote a book in which she spent a lot of time blasting ”unhinged” commenters on liberal websites.) I’d be scared if I were you, Trollie. Just a word to the wise. P.S. Here’s a link that Trollie forgot to provide: Village Voice -The Terrorist Campaign Against Abortion. It’s from 1998, but it has some good background info about the Christian Identity Movement’s link to terrorism. Here’s a snippet from it:
The best example of the merger between militias and antiabortion extremists may be [Eric] Rudolph himself, who has been linked to the Christian Identity movement, which is anti-black, anti-gay, anti-Semitic, and antiabortion. Now that the FBI has accused Rudolph of bombing several different sites, it has become apparent that the targets of antiabortion zealots include far more than clinics.

“These folks are not single-issue,” says Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority Foundation, which monitors antiabortion violence. “One minute, they’re screaming and carrying on about the evils of abortion. The next minute it’s homosexuality, and the third minute it could be the federal government. Abortion is their training ground for the creation of domestic terrorism.”

13 Responses to “NSA, Please Pass This Info to the FBI”

Oh how I wish that there was no such thing as trolls!

[taps foot impatiently]

Come on, Trollie, get on the stick; that’s your cue to pop up and holler “what’s that ya say? No trolls? Well, I’m Trollie the Troll Sprite, and I kin make it so’s yer wish’ll come true!
“Hee hee! Noooooooooo trolls!”
Ugh. Fuckin’ trolls. When are we gonna get that electric fence put up? Tasers, maybe?
Am I getting senile, or wasn’t Eric Rudolph also tied to the group that the founder of Domino’s Pizza supported, the ones who snipered that doctor in Buffalo (and others) who provided abortions to poor patients?
I can’t remember the name of that “christian” group, but I’m almost positive that they’re all linked in there somehow, and definitely had links to “genetic purity” gangs and “white supremacy” clusterfucks.
Hey, at least this troll is someWHAT creative, okay, not creative, but — what? “Colorful”? Still illiterate, but I’m so tired of the generic bible-banging, frothing-at-the-mouth, knuckle draggers… *sigh*
I wonder what those moron fucktards grow up to become, if indeed they ever do grow up…
Well, from what little I saw of this particular troll before most of his comments were dustbinned, he’s certainly no Gary Ruppert. Or Jose Chung, for that matter. And believe me–we’re all grateful for that.
I don’t look in here for a while and I miss a Christian Identitarian trolling that merits two front-page mentions? Goddammit.
Why should we cut you some slack? You’re clearly an asshole, and you’re absolutely a troll.
Honestly, shouldn’t you be a little less thin-skinned? Apparently you hate most of the planet, and you’re stupid enough to come air those views in front of people you should know will be repulsed and irritated. The white supremacy shit or the trolling *alone* should be enough for you to understand that your comments will not be well-recieved. And you do both, and then pile on the wingnuttery, on a liberal snarkblog with a significant gay and feminist readership, and you still *sulk* when people call you a racist fuckwit? Are you kidding me?
Personally, I doubt anyone’s in any danger from you, since any random Jews or blacks or gays or feminists or interracial couples or heathens or pagans, or really, seven year olds, could undoubtedly kick your ass four times in six minutes. Because, you know, a teenager wandering around being *hurt* that people called you names is not exactly “Army of God” material. Or actually, maybe it is.
But Jesus, what a whiny baby you are. If you’re going to troll, expect to have your posts deleted by mean people. If you’re going to call people inferior and demand their deaths, expect them to call you names. This… defensive passive-aggressive thing is just pitiable.
And if you’re going to argue the “illiterate” point, reread what you’ve written and make sure it’s spelled correctly.
Now I’m going to be a big meanie and call you a racist fuckwit again in the hopes you’ll realize you’re an asshole and a loser and grow out of it, or at least go away.
fucktard can’t even spell “and”. it has a d at the end, stupid. my 8 year grandkid could probably kick your stupid ass. i know he’s smarter than you.
Time for pastures new I think.
It was pleasant spreading the word amongst your meagre coterie for a space of time.Enjoy your days of inane chatter.
{No doubt you will erase this aswell…and to think you had the nerve to call me a Nazi !} Yahweh bless you.
Trollie writes: Time for pastures new I think.
Aw gee, wait, Trollie! You forgot to get your parking stub validated! [stamps ticket] Here ya go, buh-bye now!
And by “new pastures,” you actually mean “old pastures,” don’t you? That is, back to the basement to re-read again and again your disordered pile of tattered xerox handouts from the disordered pile of people who do all your thinking for you?
Crimeny, all that yammering and not a single friggin’ balloon animal.
Worst Party Clown we ever hired…
Just stay away from this pasture, yobbo.
Man, I work on my calculus homework too late for a few nights, and I miss all of the troll comments except the last one! It’s as enjoyable as they usually are, though. I like the way it has a sort of patronizing tone…like a middle schooler attempting to talk down to his parents. Hmmm, maybe I’ve hit on something there.
Call him Ishmael.
Buh bye! Don’t let the blogdoor hit you on the ass on the way out, “Jew”…and may God perform that Mitzvah I asked him to.
Over dinner last night. We had some nice chianti.
Actually, by “pastures new” I think he meant “homo nups rampant” and “muslamofascist terrorists global.” I think we’ve found a connection…

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