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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Headlines From FOX News

1.  Ministry Founder James Dobson Accepts Gibson Apology

Speaking for the Zoroastrians, I’d like to say that it was really nice of Dr. Dobson to accept that apology on behalf of the Jews.

2.  Dennis Miller to Join Fox News This Fall

I guess the monkey wasn’t available. 

P.S.  And then there’s this headline from the Standard:

Beckham left out in cold

Now that TBogg’s been outed, it won’t be hard to call the ASPCA on him.

14 Responses to “Headlines from Fox News”

1. Y’know, I thought you were just having fun with a headline, but damned if he didn’t essentially tell Jews to get over it.
2. “If this gig goes into the crapper there’s still Oxygen.”
3. Ah, well, if that’s it for Becks, at least his wife still has her singing career.
Those would be the secular Jews of Hollywood who like anal sex and hate Christianity, right, Mr Dobson?
I can’t think of a better spokesman to speak for Jewish people everywhere. Hey, are they still doing that “Give generously so we can send a pagan baby back to Israel” thing?
I should note I’m surprised that made it through a spam filter.
Did they have a “Hannity Sucks Ass–As Seen On The Back Of A ‘Lamont For Senate’ Sign”? I liked that one.
Did they have a “Hannity Sucks Ass–As Seen On The Back Of A ‘Lamont For Senate’ Sign”? I liked that one.
that’s not news, more like the almanac portion of the weather
Sunrise: 6.42 AM
Sunset: 7.39 PM
Moon: Waning Gibbous
Sean Hannity: Sucks Ass
From the Fox blurb on Dennis Miller:
“Three years ago, he was talked about as a possible Republican senatorial candidate in California.”
Now that is truly sad and pathetic. Sonny Bono had a better career than Miller.
I liked the part about how he’s “not shy about expressing his conservative views”, since I remember him insisting to the Daily Show audience that he wasn’t a conservative. It was the mercy-fuck interview Jon gave him after he lost his last show, the one where he ridiculed the significance of a 2º average temperature rise. Funny stuff. The man’s a rocket.
Remember Miller’s HBO show after writer Rick Overton bailed? At the end it was like a ‘bot was cranking out the monologues. Every week it was the Yeltson’s a drunk joke, the Kennedy’s a pervy drunk joke, the Bubba’s a sober perv joke, the Hitlery’s a scary dyke joke . . .
Well, yeah, Dr. BDH, but then, Sonny had a better sense of humor. AND better hair.
Hey, s.z., I’m really glad you stopped analyzing The Family Circus, but at the risk of getting you started on it again, this is funny:
And I don’t just mean funnier than Dennis Miller. Even Ron White is funnier than Dennis Miller.
“Osama bin Laden to Replace Mumbly at coming Laff-a-Lympics: George Bush Promises Boycott.” Fox News Sunday.
“Ministry Founder James Dobson Accepts Gibson Apology”
And here I was thinking it was Al Jourgensen who founded Ministry.
In the words of Amy Sedaris: I like monkeys, they make me laugh”
Beckham left out in cold
Wait a minute! Doesn’t TBogg live in San Diego? The only way Beckham could get left in the cold would be if Satchmo The Wonder Basset locked him in the refrigerator.

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