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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Okay, so a while ago one of those pseudonymous guy at Sadly, No! said something mean about somebody on the Right (and that really steams my clams, since every day there are commenters at Free Republic and LittleGreenFootballs who post vile things using their own given noms de guerre).

And then somebody else claimed that Michelle Malkin was Asian. So, I had no choice but to do an extensive Google search and find out that Tbogg’s dog’s name is . . . Satchmo!

Here’s a photo of him:
(He’s the one in the hat)

So, there’s your anonymous dog, Lefties!  Be a real shame if somebody, say, dyed him green.
I now feel like a real man.  I think I’m going out for a smoke.

14 Responses to “HE FORCED ME TO OUT HIM!”

I now feel like a real man.
so who’s the lucky guy?
and you completely neglected the other one named after a famous English footballer
I’ve said bad things about wingnuts too.
So I’m going to pre-emptively out myself.
I’m really Doug Giles.
I thought Satchmo was a basset. This guy’s a beagle.
PS: I’m old enough to remember when this really happened.
Funny – LBJ used to grab Lucianne Goldberg’s ears and make her face the other way.
*Giggle* Yes, I too am old enough to remember people getting upset that LBJ was “mistreating” his dogs.
In related news, Stephen King recently sat on a literary panel with J.K. Rowling and begged her not to kill off Harry Potter, and then noted that when he killed off an IMAGINARY dog in one of his books, he got more mail about that than anything. Jeez.
You are TC? Awesome-maybe you can finally answer the questions I’ve wanted answers to for years:
1. Are you, in fact, a repressed, frustrated homosexual?
2. If “No” to above, can you at least understand why people would THINK you’re one?
(Yes, I know TC was kidding. But those are questions I’d like to ask Dougie.)
That… was beautiful. I know I say this a lot, but, S.Z., I love you.
Feh. I am thoroughly disgusted with events occurring over at S,N! at the moment r/e Pasty Goldmember and his little minions like Pattycakes & Co. To say nothing of the can of “Mixed Loonies” the whole kerfluffle has attracted. Including nutbar allstar, Deb Frisch. Ew, ew, eww! And things like Pattycake claiming that those who post comments under a pseudonym are all hiding some shameful secret… while he himself posts comments under a pseudonym… are threatening to make my head explode. I tells ya, my brain is starting to hurt. Damn their idiocy! Plus, they Just. Won’t. Go. Away!!
Man, I do *not* know if you nice peoples over here at WO’C really want to get involved in this little inmates-in-charge-of-teh-asylum bit over at S,N! It’s the single most deranged thread I’ve ever waded through, and that includes ones that had annieangel/shoelimpy, but should you decide to do so, be respectful of Pattycakes. Call him “Sugar Pussy.” He’ll appreciate that.
You know, I have a hard time believing he’s really allowed out in public without a little rubber wristband and a stretchy leash connecting to his mom’s arm. Someone promise me he’s not really an adult with a job? He’s like George Bush, if he could read.
Marq, I have to say, I got sucked into that delightful trainwreck of a thread. Sure it’s fun at first, but then someone puts an eye out and it gets all bad.
But, I gotta say–if you click on marionblahblahblah111′s myspace link, you take a delightful trip down the rabbit hole that I think could only be duplicated by taking acid AND peyote.
SZ- phew. For a minute I thought you were going to out me as Brad Reeves, Christopher Reeves’ deformed ugly twin brother who has been trapped in the attic for the last 50 years.
At least Brad had a webcam in the attic.
Just sayin’.
At least Brad had a webcam in the attic. Just sayin’.
Yeah! No, wait. Which one of you is Shorts Boy again?

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