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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Danger of Blogs

You know, I got to thinking about Bill O’Reilly’s denunciations of the evil, all-powerful bloggers, and I decided to check out some of them for myself.

My first stop was Blogs For What did I learn there? What is the blog buzz?  And are these bloggers as depraved as what Bill claims?

 I’ll report and you decide.
The Sort of Man President Bush Is, By Mark Noonan
He really is beyond the reach or understanding of most of his critics – and that goes for both conservative and leftwing critics. They don’t get the man – and I don’t think they ever will.
Yea, for as the prophets have told us, while George Bush is “A man of extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius, he can’t get anyone to notice. He is like a great painter or musician who is ahead of his time, and who unveils one masterpiece after another to a reception that, when not bored, is hostile.”

And while George Bush is far beyond our understanding as we are to the ants, Mr. Noonan does cite an example to help us understand his greatness from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Beth Karlson, who lost her son to the Iraq war, wanted something when she met Thursday with President Bush. Answers.

For well over a year, the 63-year-old woman – “just a little bumpkin from Wisconsin,” she says – has repeatedly sought information from the Army about the 2003 death of her son, Army Staff Sgt. Warren S. Hansen.

He and 16 soldiers from the 101st Airborne were killed when two Blackhawk helicopters collided above Mosul on Nov. 15, 2003. It was the single deadliest episode in the war for U.S. forces up until then.

Karlson learned Wednesday from the White House that she and her husband were invited to meet with Bush on Thursday during his Green Bay visit. Away from the public eye, he met with five families who have lost loves ones in the war, a White House aide said.

Karlson, a retired school “lunch lady” from Clintonville, has been frustrated by multiple attempts to obtain the official Army report on the crash. So she broached the subject with Bush.

“He seemed very interested,” the mother said. The president told her that an aide who was on hand and taking notes would look into the matter Friday.
And THAT is the kind of man that President Bush is – the kind who says that an aide will look into things.

But wait, there’s more!
Karlson and her husband, Jim, met with Bush for 20 to 30 minutes. It began with a “great big bear hug” from Bush. He gave her a presidential coin. He signed a scrapbook she’s amassed about her firstborn son. It was the only time he didn’t hold her hand during the meeting.
Bush is a hand-holding, bear-hugging, personal-space-invading kind of man! He’s the kind of man who gives presidential coins to grieving families in order to show them how much he sympathizes with their loss!
“He said, ‘I just love the military.
As long as he doesn’t have to serve in it, of course
‘There’s just something about military families.’
All the mourning for dead loved ones, maybe?
And he thanked us for raising the type of child we did – that’s part of what he wrote in the scrapbook,” Karlson said.
“Dear Mrs. Karlson, thanks for raising a child who would serve his country in a foreign war, so that my children don’t have to.”

But here’s Mark’s assessment of the story:
This is just typical President Bush – going out of his way to meet the families of the fallen, and doing it outside the public eye because, well, its not a public matter – it is the President of the United States and the man George W. Bush offering his respect to the family of the fallen.

This isn’t for sound bites; this isn’t for a “money shot” picture on the nightly news…this is just the act of a decent, caring man who understands that his decisions have stern consequences which he bears full moral responsibility for.
So, per Mark, President Bush bears full moral responsible for the deaths of over 2600 American service men and women, and also for an untold number of Iraqi casualities. And yet, Mr. Bush seems strangely untroubled by all this. So, I guess the kind of man he is (per Mark), is a sociopath.

Yeah, I can see why Bill O’Reilly finds the blogs so troubling.

13 Responses to “The Danger of Blogs”

OK, I don’t want to sprain anything here, so I’m just going to point out that this bozo just wrote an entire post where he characterized everything that’s right about the loving kindness Our Fearless Leader keeps out of the public eye that the rest of us don’t get.
As described in the newspaper article he read about it.
And explained that this is the “real” George W., sorta in the same way that actors in soap operas report getting letters from fans advising them not to trust that two-timing Veronica.
A coin? Is he kidding us? Jesus, that’s crass. Even a goddamned gimme cap would have been less crass than a fucking coin. I hope he gave each parent one so the kid will have something for the ferryman.
Dammit, I hate getting here after Doghouse & D.Sidhe — and Julia — y’all took all of the good parts.
I just want to know where Karl Rove buys his Kool-Aid.
That shit is waaayyyyyyyy more effective than the shit in Jonestown.
Although I wouldn’t mind buying a vat of the Jonestown shit for the entire extended Noonan clan/klan.
I don’t seem to be quite up-to-date on my nutzy wingnuts these days. Is this “Mark Noonan” in some way related to crazy magic dolphin lady lush Peggy? Ugh. He certainly has her preznit fetish, though the object of his affection is of even lower quality than hers is (was?). These people have really feeble personalities in how they latch onto a politician and start making him out to be more than human, People, people–that doesn’t convince us of anything. Except, maybe, that you wingnuts need to get outdoors more often. I think spending all that time in the dank basement has allowed mildew to flourish in your brain.
The fundamental law is- The Fuhrer is always right. Please make note, and adjust perceptions accordingly.
He really is beyond the reach or understanding of most of his critics???
Oh, fuck me, this in-bred smirking chimp is only misunderstood in the sense a con man wishes to be, thereby playing the rubes one mo’ time.
A man (or woman) who is that deluded about George W. Bush should not be allowed to vote. Literally. I’m not kidding.
If we’re going to be self-governing in any meaningful sense, we need to come up with some kind of voter-capability test to weed out clueless nutcases like Mark Noodle who say “Thanks for the warm rain on my back, Mr. President” and really mean it. We simply can’t go on like this.
::Frank Sinatra voice:: “Here’s two presidential coins, Dollface, because that’s just what your son’s life is worth!”
Sociopath is a correct diagnosis. Most everything the man’s done or has been tricked or prodded into doing by others even worse than him falls into one or two categories: evil or insane. Or both. Although he has the capacity to feel — for someone he knows, or meets and spends some time with — like a cocker spaniel, once he’s out of the room it’s out of his head. If he actually felt any sort of pain or responsibility for the death and suffering he’s caused, he’d have blown up by now.
I would certainly admire the president as the God Striding Like A Titan Among the Stars for caring so much for the families of the people he’s killed if I only knew about it. Unfortunately, because he doesn’t make public his visits to these families, I don’t know about it. Sigh.
s.z., I’m disappointed you missed this opportunity:
He’s the kind of man who gives presidential coins to grieving families in order to show them how much he sympathizes with their loss!
TRANSLATION: Here’s a quarter. Call someone who gives a shit.
He’s the piece that surpasseth all understanding.
A coin! How touching. Like something out of A Tale of Two Cities where the nobleman runs over a kid and throws a coin to the mother. (The coin is thrown back in his face, and he’s found stabbed that night with a note to drive him fast to his tomb. Those French! No wonder patriots hate them!)
Remember, not all presidential coins go up in value. Some drop to 33% or less.

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