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Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Preznit Giv Me Turkee!

Dear PGMT,Thanks for your support over the years, and for your unfailing supply of witty bon mots and devastating ripostes to the ungodly. We wish you the very happiest of birthdays, and hope this coming year brings you all the good things you deserve (love, fame, fortune, world peace, a Bush impeachment, etc.)
And, as is our custom, we’d like to award you the ceremonial birthday photo of someone whom you can you be happy you won’t wake up with tomorrow morning. So, here’s a fresh, new shot of Ann Coulter denying plagiarism charges that really shows off her sexy Adam’s apple.

20 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Preznit Giv Me Turkee!”

She’s Teh mAnn!
oh, and happy birfday to Teh Pretzledent gifs Me Turkish Army Invading Northern Iraq. Huzzah!
Hey! Why was “Who said it?” story #99, and this happy birthday to preznit give me turkee story #101? *What* happened to story #100?!? Don’t tell me it had to be redacted like that one that prominently mentioned a brand name stiffy-pill! Oh, woe and lamentation!
I didn’t get one of those for my birthday. And I happen to know that PGMT IS Mann Coulter. In disguise as it were.
And where in the fuck is story 100?
You know, she almost looks human in that shot. I’d–
No, never mind. I still couldn’t get that drunk.
Although I almost hate to defend her in any way, I’ve long suspected that Coulter has a goiter resulting from Graves’ disease. I used to sport a nice one myself and I’m pretty sure I’m still a woman. Irrational anger and severe weight loss are also symptoms. Being a fucking bitch isn’t though, so we can still nail her for that.
Happy B’Day, PGMT! How many years have you walked this planet?
It’s not the adam’s apple, and I suspect you’re right about that, Taube. It’s the overall preying mantis look, coupled with the vicious expression she seems to habitually wear.
As for irrational anger… A) the world is full of emotionally unbalanced people who manage not to be quite so goddamned *hateful*, and B) the right wing pundit corps, on the other hand, *is* crawling with this sort of world-class hatefulness. So either being a wingnut makes you insane, being insane makes you a wingnut, or the wingnuts as a group are either permissive or encouraging toward this kind of extreme nastiness as a stance.
I find it hard to believe, myself, that they’re all crazy. It seems a partially-calculated offensive, with a large degree of simply believing that any excess is acceptable in dealing with “the enemy”, be they liberals, immigrants, the press, or terrorists.
Happy birthday, dear preznitgivemeturkee, happy birthday to you! And here’s one of my light-as-a-feather, ever-so-tender cybercakes to you…. ummmm, geschmack!
thanks for the BD wishes and for keeping the picture under the fold.
I’d hate to think that my natal celebration would cause someone to want to scrape their eyes out
# Bill S Says:
July 23rd, 2006 at 4:00 am

Happy B’Day, PGMT! How many years have you walked this planet?

does stumbling count?
as a friend of mine from college would put it, “I’m closer to 40 than I am to 30″ and I intend to keep using it as long as I can
You should have said, “I’m closer to 25 than I am to 100.” That would have been just as accurate, I’m sure. :)
awh screw it. I’m between 1 and a million
This just in: PGMT is one-in-a-million! But, we all knew that already. ;)
Happy Birthday, PG! Sorry to be late to the party, darnit! Is there any cake left??
not much, but you could also scour the cable line for some crumbs and icing since it was really good
BTW, when’s your birthday? I have to plan ahead…
(cough, cough) well, Mrs. TBB, MY birthday is Sept. 3. That should be plenty of time……
BTW, we might have to share a cake. Mine’s Sept 5. And I think Bradrocket’s is shortly after that.
That’s going to be a mighty big cake! But if anyone can handle the World O’ Crap Birthday Cake Challenge, it is I.

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