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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our "Oops! Never Mind!" Item for Today

I never expected this!  (Okay, I did.  And so did lots of other people  But still …)
D.A. Drops Charges Against Karr
The murder case against John Mark Karr collapsed this afternoon when he was exonerated by a DNA test, but the man who was once the leading suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey tragedy will be returned to California to face child pornography charges, officials said.

In a fast-moving series of events throughout the afternoon, Boulder Dist. Atty. Mary T. Lacy, who had sought Karr’s departure from Thailand and extradition from California, dropped all charges against the former teacher.
Sources say that there is no truth to the rumor that Lacy, in connection with CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and the White House, came up with “The Karr Scenario” as a way to distract people from the Iraq War (which has been a real loser in the ratings lately).
Lacy announced that she would hold a “panel discussion” with selected reporters Tuesday to discuss the case.

When reporters asked why the district attorney would not face the full press to answer questions, a court officer said: “You should be grateful that she is willing to do that.”
Yes, you should fall on your knees and thank God that a public official is willing to justify her errors in judgment to even pet members of the press! (Hey, if works for the President, I think city District Attornies should be able to use it.)

Posted by s.z. on Monday, August 28th, 2006 at 9:29 pm.

9 Responses to “Our “Oops! Never Mind” Item for Today”

When I first heard about this guy it was reported that he was already under arrest for an unrelated sex crime. All I could think was, what do you have to do to get arrested for a sex crime in Thailand?
He was wanted for kiddy porn on his computer in California before he ever went to Asia a’la Gary Glitter.
And the only reason that this tripe is being flaunted (and reeks of Karl Rove, I might add) is to draw attention away from the mass murders committed by the maggots-in-chief, one year ago.
And so we won’t think too hard about whether we SHOULD invade Iran or not… they’ll tell us what to think about it when the time comes.
I haven’t even been paying attention and I expected this. The guy seemed crazy as a bedbug and this is a high profile case. I’m guessing nutjobs all over the nation have walked into the local PD and confessed to this. They just take a better look at it before they call a press conference.
Deb Frisch!
Seems like a rather extreme way of getting an all-expenses-paid trip out of Thailand. Although, now he doesn’t have to stand trial for crimes over there, so I guess it’s all to the good (as far as HE’S concerned).
When I heard he was being held in a prison in Thailand, I also had the thought “he’s lying so that he can get out of there”. Maybe he should confess to kidnapping the Lindberg baby.
When I first saw this…
“He faces charges in the United States of first-degree murder, kidnapping and sexual assault on a child, said Ann Hurst, a Department of Homeland Security attache in Bangkok.”
I couldn’t help but wonder
– What is a DHS agent doing in Bangkok?
– Why is a DHS agent involved in a local-jurisdiction murder case?
– Why is this DHS agent being a “spokesman” in this case?
What really steamed me was seeing comments on liberal blogs bemoaning how awful the persecution of JonBenet’s parents had been, seeing that Karr “proved” that they were “innocent.” Guess that ain’t operative anymore.
The whole thing jusdt skeevs me out on every level.
Karr’s lawyer was pretty shameless,complaining about how the police arrested Karr without any physical evidence.
Yeah, a guy accused of traficking in child pronography repeatedly admits to raping and killing a child, and they make a fedweral case out of it!
Here’s a question: Why the fuck is any of this at all important?

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