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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Get Off My Bridge!

A note on (and to) the recent infestation of trolls. Usually, we take a pretty laissez faire, let jackholes-be-jackholes attitude toward self-expression around here, but just to be clear: we will delete any comments containing links to white supremacist, or other hate sites. So you Aryan man-gods might just as well take your adorable chubby feet, glassy orange eyes, and fright wig hair elsewhere.

But, just to show there’s no hard feelings, do you mind if we rub your round pink bellies once for luck before you go?

11 Responses to “Get Off My Bridge!”

On a related topic, are we going to do the “Ultimate Wingnut Challenge” again this year? I really it requires a large investment from you (in time, effort and mood-altering drugs), but now you’ve gotten us all addicted.
that Ishmael person?
Yeah, pretty much everyone’s heard from them, on dit.
Wish I had a watermelon….
and hey, put some pants on before coming over here
I don’t know about you, but I think trolls are much too cute to stand in for the neo-nazi candy asses who like to spam message boards. We need a new term, one that conveys their combination of shit-for-brains, stupidity, their one step below child molester, sense of ethics and the abject cowardice they hide behind their violent retribution fantasies. It’s really too bad ‘santorum’ is already taken.
In the spirit of bidziliba’s suggestion:
Peder-asses. Or peder-assholes.
Helms + Parasite = Helmasite
Practicioners of Analingus.
Hell. Why not just call ;em “Republicans?”
“Mark Levin with hair.”

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