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Saturday, January 15, 2011

March 2, 2005 by s.z.


1.  After reading our piece about cheesy post-Rapture flicks from the '70s, Kip lets us know about Apocamon, which seems to tell the story of what happens when the people who miss the Rapture are afflicted with Pokemon monsters.   (It cost .25 to access the comics, and we couldn't afford that, so all we know is what we saw on the main page . . . which is scary enough.

2.  Over at GrabTheMic, Paul "Joins the Dots."  Also, scroll down to "Hinderaker Strikes Out Again" and you can submit your own manly yet hilarious names to Paul's list.

3.  Julia at Sisyphus Shrugged reports that the new reason to give federal money to faith-based enterprises is that the groups have "shared values and religious identity."  (Like she said, it used to be the results that were cited when passing out the checks.)  .And I guess that shared religious identity is the kind of thing that the government should use tax money to reward (you know, instead of wasting it on poor people and such).
4.  Mykeru has some fun stuff, including Not Jeff Gannon's return to public life.

Tomorrow, even more great stuff from around the Blogoverse and parts beyond!

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Over There!

I have two new posts up at Pandagon.  One is about the editing of WSJ's "OpinionJournal" and also touches on the CIA and John Tierney.  The other one is about Mike Gallagher and geeky losers.  Hopefully they can inspire the trolls to a higher class of trollery.  (BTW, you guys were mighty entertaining over there yesterday.)

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Who Said It?

Our results from last time: 

1. The "liberal indoctrination camp" guy was Jack Fowler.  Point to Vivek.

2.  Ms. "MoveOnOrg compares Bush to Hitler" was Michelle Malkin  Point to Clif (whose blog you should be reading for up-to-the-minute news on wingnuts).

UPDATE: Michelle has added a correction to her original post (which indicates that didn't compare Bush to Hitler), and added a new post noting the correction.  I have to say that I think that was a very classy was to handle the issue.

3.   Mr. "Women don't write hard sci-fi because they can't hack physics" was Vox Day (who also wrote the novel "filled with otherworldly creatures and all-out spiritual warfare").  Another point to Vivek 
(Oh, and as Christopher pointed out, Vox also writes: "And in the world of female political non-fiction, the situation is arguably worse. Only Ann Coulter even tries to write serious books..."

4.  The guy who kept his Columbian Gold under a frisbee in his Z28 was Doug Giles.  Point to fadedout.

5.  The guy who thinks the left is anti-Semitic because Michael Moore keeps saying Wolfowitz's name was indeed Michael Medved (again).  ANOTHER point to Vivek.

6.  The "journalist" who will not be silenced (except for those times that he is), and who requests donations to keep things that way is  "Jeff Gannon."  A point to john b.

And a bonus point to fadedout for being the first to successfully name all our Mystery Guests in one comment. 

Oh, and a belated point to D. Sidhe, who would have been the first to guess Frank Luntz a few days ago if he hadn't stopped to check the spelling of Luntz's name.  I hope this has taught you all the peril of good spelling.

Congrats to our winners, who are encouraged to save up their points, since 100 of them can be exchanged for any item in the WorldNetDaily Half Price Store (now featuring books by John Stossel, Dr. Laura, and Linda Chavez, as well as personally autographed copies of Michelle Malkin's Invasion.) 

 Now, Who Said This?
1.  Recycling teaches the themes that previous generations of schoolchildren learned from that Puritan classic, "The Pilgrim's Progress." {...] Today's schoolchildren, though, might be confused by one character encountered on Bunyan's road to salvation: a man, the source of our word "muckraker," who is busy raking together a compost pile. This recycler of household waste isn't presented as a role model for the pilgrim. He's a symbol of moral blindness because, instead of looking up to see the heavenly rewards awaiting him, he "could look no way but downwards, with a muck-rake in his hand." In Bunyan's time, it would have been hard to imagine that pilgrims would one day be taught to search for salvation right down there in the muck.
2.  Who is being referred to (and quoted) in this news item?
WASHINGTON  [...] said today that there is no constitutional guarantee of separation of church and state. He said that as the Supreme Court prepared to take up a case challenging the display of the Ten Commandments on the Texas Capitol grounds.

[...] says -- quote -- "I hope the Supreme Court will finally read the Constitution and see there's no such thing, or no mention, of separation of church and state in the Constitution."
3.  And what commentator wrote this?:
[I]f a preacher wants to be on TV, or court the masses, or achieve the psychic gratification of wielding thousands of worshippers, he must turn his church into a kind of religious Wal Mart—a huge religious emporium complete with restaurants, recording studios, projections screens and stadium seating. Parishioners flock to these structures like the apes to the monolith in 2001. But, it costs money to keep these mammoth structures running. More often than not, the preachers turn to corporate sponsorship to pay the bills.
Hint: he knows a lot about "sponsorship" . . . 

(This this Mystery Guest was suggested by a reader, who will get a hat-tip when we reveal the answers, since doing it now would make it too easy to cheat, and we don't want any of you getting autographed copies of Michelle Malkin books by committing morally unsavory acts.)

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